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A Journey - Selina Carter, April 9, 2011 - March 6, 2024

Dearest Furrends: My scribe is typing this entry with a truly heavy heart. Yesterday, I made my journey to The Rainbow Bridge. My doctor, Dr. Daniel, told me in November 2023 that I had something called a "mass" that she could feel when she did something she called "palpating" my underside during my annual well-kitty exam. It didn't hurt - it just felt like she was squeezing me a little. She told Mom&DadKatt, who were there with me (of course) and suggested several options. They decided to start giving me a medicine called prednisone (I called it YUCK ). Dr. D said it would really boost my appetite. Boy, did it! See, MomKatt noticed I'd lost a fair amount of weight in a couple of months prior and she knew something was wrong. I've always been a big (not fat, just big) beautiful one-eyed thang, as y'all know, so this wasn't normal. It's that MomKatt radar - I know all of y'alls pawrents have it. That's why she scooped me up that da