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Today's My Gotcha! Day!

Meowlo, peeps! Guess what today is?? MY GOTCHA DAY! Yep. It's also DK's birthday (psst ... he's 60!  MK says she can't believe he's that old. MOL MOL) Brian from "Brian's Home" took this picture of me when he put the post on his blog searching for someone to adopt me (of course, MK was seduced right away, by my beauty AND my story).   MK drove to Charlotte NC on this day EIGHT YEARS AGO (can you believe???) and picked me up at the hotel where my foster lady was waiting. A REALLY bad thunderstorm happened the whole way home to Reidsville (where we lived at the time). The drive home was AWFUL but I was VERY brave. When I got to my new home, I took right to it and I've never looked back. Here is what I looked like that day. MK took the pic at the hotel. She could see right away that I was a real beauty. My eye was REEAAALLLYY wide, too, because there was SO much going on and so many peeps walking by my crate to watch! They di

Shameless Plug

Hi again peeps! Just FYI ... for those who don't know, I also have a FB page! I post notifications on it when I've written MK has transcribed a new blog entry, but I plan to provide OTHER content you won't find on the blog! So won'tcha please "Like" my page? Here is the link: Great! Thanks and tell your friends! Purrz! Selina

My Return!

The upper deck is where I usually am! Ray is a regular attendant in the booth. Melowlo, peeps! Laura and Taffeta Rose sent me a message today on my highly-neglected blog, saying they knew I was out there, somewhere, and asking for a post. I'm glad you did, ladies. It *has*  been too long and MK and I *have* been ... well, slack (she has, anyway. She's the one with the thumbs, not me!)  We've been keeping track with a few of you over the last few months when we have been able to. But it's time for my COMEBACK! So, while MK transcribes right now, as you can see the Carter tanning bed is open, and I really must get back to my tanning. We're SO glad our sun has finally seemed to find NC again and no one is happier than us kits. Boudicca goes to the vet in 30 minutes ... glad it's not ME! Purrz, peeps! Back soon I PROMISE! Selina & MK