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Testing testing 1 2 3 ...

Hi peeps! Yes, it's me! Back again after a little over a year. I've missed you all and hope some of you at least are still hanging in there with me. My friend Summer's blog is having traffic troubles. I hear in the blog community that this is happening with other cat bloggers, too. So I thought I'd better try mine out, because MK and I were worried that the link was no longer in service. If there's anyone out there that still subscribes, please let us know if you can comment. MK's been thinking about reviving my blog because we DID enjoy posting my adventures for you all to experience and learn about! But we got slack (ahem, MK got slack. I've been here all along and would have been updating had I had AN OPPOSABLE THUMB! Why can't we get THOSE on Amazon????) All the kits here are well, but last week we were told Boudicca was diabetic. MK and DK are trying the food change route first, before they decide whether to do insulin injections. DK can&#