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Bag Day!

Meowlo, Peeps! Today is Bag Day and Keaton is demonstrating some of the many different things he can do with an ordinary paper sack from the grocery store. He claims it's environmentally responsible, as he's upcycling a natural resource. Do you buy that? Whatever ...  Anyway, here he is.  As you might notice, he enjoys a variety of bags from different places (i.e. he has no taste and will take ANYTHING that comes along.)  This one is from Lowe's Foods grocery store.    This one is from Jersey Mike's subs. We all loved that one because it smelled soooooo good but he wormed his under it and none of us could get in.       We never got into it and in the end, it's cool because MomKatt got a hilarious photo out of it! (We have NO clue what he's doing in there.  Doesn't he have a great butt, though??)   Uh oh ... bag change! He's got the one MomKatt stole from Ed McKay's used bookstore!    At least he can't tear that one up ...    Or can he?  I don'

An Update!

  Meowlo, peeps!     I know, I know ... long time, no meow. My amanuensis has really been lazy since last March. But we're changing our game - I really AM back! And this time, it's different, as I explain below.     (BTW ... Did you know that the word "amanuensis" harkens back to the Latin phrase servus a manu which, loosely translated, means "slave with secretarial duties?" Makes you think, doesn't it? I'm meowing at YOU, MomKatt!)     Anyway, I've missed you all and here's an update. We kits are all fine. Keaton turned one year old in October and while he's slowed down a bit, he's still a jerk when he wants to be. At least he's not pouncing directly on top of us (especially Nutmeg - remember, she is/was his favorite toy?) However, he still chases us, still guards the bathroom water bowl (nobody likes the door monitor!) and - with particular regard to moi - chases me to the kitchen window which I use to jump onto the count