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Travelin' Tuesday!

OK let's see: Kibble bowl:  Check! Comfy Kat bed?  Check! 'Nip?  Double-Check! Portable Litterbox?  Check! Catnip Carrot?  Check! Plastic thumb for bumming rides?  Check! Yup, I'm ready to go! Wait, you mean we're NOT going on a vacation?  You're just going to work? Oh boo hiss ........  Selina (whose dreams of world travel have been dashed)

Torpid Tewsday

Y'know?  These things just aren't HALF as much fun without MomKatt here to "make it go". *sigh*  Why can't she win the lottery, and stay home with us all the time? Selina, waiting patiently for the "Teaser Lady"

Today is my Special Gotcha Day!

Cats don't keep track of time, but hoomans do, and MomKatt tells me that, not only is today my DadKatt's 54th birthday, it's also my "Gotcha Day", wherein one year ago today, MomKatt drove to Charlotte, NC, to meet with the lady that was bringing me from South Carolina to my new furever home in North Carolina. They met at the Sheraton Airport Hotel and I was in my carrier, all well-behaved and quiet, just looking all around and wondering what was going to happen to me, where was I going, etc.  I'd had such an interesting and, sometimes, unsure life (before I met my Uncle Bill, who cared for me & fostered me 'til MomKatt got me) that I really didn't know what to expect.  But MomKatt kept looking in on me in the carrier while she filled out the adoption paperwork.  I could tell she was excited about me, and I was very curious about her.  I don't think she could wait to get me home! Once in her MINI Cooper that day, she took a picture of me, w

Problem-Solving Cat Here is your Easter giggle for today.  Man, I need to learn how to do this.  Imagine the payoff!  (Though in this joint, it's likely to be Skinny Cow ice cream and Weight Watchers Smart Ones!) PURRS and Hoppy Easter to my Peeps (get it?  "Hoppy"?  LMTO   Oh, I JUST KILL ME!) Selina the comic

Please help Pinky!

Image I'm sending a link to my furriend, Sparkle's, blog page today because what she has to say is FAR more important than my meowings today! Please help Pinky!  We gave what we could - every little bit helps & adds up, you know, and remember: When you give, you get in return. I'm feeling all warm & fuzzy.  Thanks, Sparkle, for spreading the word about Pinky! PURRS! Selina

Stolen goods are the best goods!

Oh hai!  As you can see, I'm still enjoying Peppers' birthday bed.  Hee hee ... boy, is it COMFY.  It's a Morgan Bed, made famous by Morgan the Pirate Gato.  MomKatt had always wanted to get us one of these but never got around to it. Here's another of me there.  I was trying out my "burrowing" talents!  MOL! Yeah, I think brofur Peppers has lost himself a bed, don't you? This morning, though, I let Morticia borrow it for awhile.  *G* I'm a nice sisfur, after all!  ;-) I hope you're all having a snuggly, cozy Tuesday! PURRS! Selina

Monday Breakfast Blues

OK I'm waiting patiently here ... where's my breakfast???