A BIG shout-out of thanks to my furriend, Sparkle ( , for the free Fancy Feast Breakfast!  We got ours in the mail yesterday, and MomKatt fed me, Livia & Morticia the can this morning  ... for breakfast!  NUMMY!  I ate mine ALL up!  We usually don't get gooshy fuds 'til the evening so this was a nice surprise.

Those black things in front of the box?  Humm ... no clue.  Probably don't want to know.  MOL  (Shards from the teaser, most likely.)

Oh!  And MomKatt said there was a hooman treat in the Fancy Feast box for her, as well!  She's going to try it tonight!  She thinks it involves chocolate.

In other news ... *gulp* ... my annual "well kitty" is this Saturday, bright & early at 8 AM.  MomKatt is going to take pictures so, hopefully, I can blog about it to introduce ya'll to my vets!  They are SOOOOO pawsome & I think they'd really dig being mentioned in my blog.  They deserve to be celebrated 'cause they really really love kitties and they really care about all their patients.  (MomKatt says she's going to ask them about my poops while we're there.  They've been a *tad* gooshy lately.)  :(

Expect photos!  (But none containing poop, so rest easy, there.)

Anyway, I'm full, so I'm curling up for a nap now.  MomKatt has the FF Breakfast coupon in her wallet so I suspect she'll bring us some more this weekend when she goes to PetSmart.

Thank you, Sparkle!!!!!

Selina (full & happy)

PS - I forgot to mention that we were one of the first 25 in Sparkle's post to say "YES WE WANT THE FANCY FEAST!" so that's why we got it, not because Sparkle sent it to me as a "gift" in the strict sense of the term.  Just wanted to clear that up! :) :)


  1. It sounds like that Fancy Feast brekkie was very tasty Selina.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. That was extra sweet of Sparkle and all the more reason to love her as well as you. xoxoxox

  3. that wuz trooly nice oh sparkle two due that for ewe !!!

    N hay, tell yur mom ta gives ewe a 1/2 tsp oh pumpkin...itz helps with the tuff stuff az well az de haz ta bee PURE pumpkin tho, knot like pie mix: pleez see heer

    this iz just one article for yur mom...we dunno how it werks for "both ways"...but it sure doez

    1. Thank you my furriends! MomKatt had forgotten about using pumpkin (not the pie filling!) She says she'll pick up a can on the way home tonight!

      Plus who knows, I may like it! MOL

  4. Whoa! I can't wait for my FF breakfast noms to arrive!

    BTW, pumpkin is the best. I have it in my wet grain-free wet foods and it's nommy. Everyone should try it once in their lives.

    1. CK - do you get pumpkin every day?

    2. Yes I do. The Soulistic food I eat in the morning has pumpkin soup. I rotate 3 different flavors, all with pumpkin soup. It's helped keep me regular. I used to be kinda *whispers* constipated. It's also supposed to be good for your Urinary Tract.

  5. Fancy Feast for breakkies... what a great way to start your day! purrs

  6. That was great of Sparkle to send you Fancy Feast for your breakfast.

  7. Selina, are you sure you are not getting two? Because I haven't even given the FF humans the addresses yet! I still haven't heard back from four or five winners and I was just about to give up and send in the addresses anyway!

    1. Humm ... maybe DadKatt sent away for something! MomKatt hasn't sent away for anything, or signed up for a freebie ...

      Wait a second ... weren't yours THREE cans? This was just ONE can and the little packet of chocolate drink stuff ...

      Puzzled purrs,

  8. We hope you enjoy your Fancy Feast, Selina! And good luck at the v-e-t!

  9. Glad you liked your FF breakfast. We're sure tomorrows visit will be just fine. We will read all about it.

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp


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