A Furrriday Surprise!

Goodness!  I almost forgot to announce that tomorrow, in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, my good friend, Sparkle, has asked me to be a "guest blogger" to tell you all about why black cats are so awesome!

So be sure & look for it - I'm so excited!  No one's ever asked me to be a guest blogger before!  Thank you, Sparkle!


PS -  The photo.  That white thing *was* MomKatt's napkin she was using this morning for breakfast.  It's not much of anything now ... hee hee!


  1. Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting blog post here in Sparkle land!!

  2. Sparkle is very cool and you are a primo black cat so hooray!

  3. How exciting for you, Selina! We can't wait to read your post!!

  4. Atta girl Selina, teach that napkin a lesson! We'll pop over and visit Sparkle's blog. xoxo

  5. We are looking forward to your guest appearance on Sparkle's blog.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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