Friday Update

MomKatt Laura here once more ...

Got Selina home late yesterday afternoon and she was all about wiggling & rolling over in the carrier in the passenger's seat, trying to get my attention to tell me how anxious she was to get home!  I told her she needed to stop being cute while I was driving, because she was a distraction worse, and far more appealing, than a cell phone!  LOL

Seriously, if you just watched her - both yesterday and today - you wouldn't know anything was wrong with her.  She's just as lively as usual, this morning demanding Pink Teaser and whapping him for all she was worth - chasing him HARD (and I mean HARD - this Olympic "Bolt" fellow's got nothing on my Selina for speed) - and meowing at me to "play more, MomKatt, play more"!

When I let her out of the carrier last night, she made a beeline for one of the litterboxes.  It was hard to tell if she'd peed this morning (one of the drawbacks to a multi-cat household, I'm thinking) but I'm just trying to monitor as closely as I can both her peeing AND pooping (does anyone want my fabulous job here?  LOL) so I can keep up with how she is doing on both fronts.

THANK YOU to everyone for your good wishes, thoughts & concern - once again, this is the nicest community of folks, and Gary & I & Selina all appreciate your stopping by & keeping up with her & us.

We have two Catster friends coming to visit this weekend from the Washington, DC/Alexandria, VA area, so it's going to be a weekend full of kitty lovins, and smooch-fests and who knows what all!  (Plus, we're taking a trip tomorrow to Blind Cat Rescue in St. Paul, NC, to go to their Open House.)  Pictures WILL be taken!  So stay tuned next week for postings ... 

Meanwhile, as Selina would meow, "Peace out, ya'll!"

Selina & MomKatt Laura


  1. we toll ewe trout wood due de trik selina !! ya mite wanna try sum sea bass N mackeral N pizza piez later on for a slite noon snak then top it off with sum whitefish, donuts N a few bowls oh sghetti to feel yur veree best...enjoy yur week oh end ' peace out N rock on, long live de trout...til ya make a samich outta him anymew !!

  2. I hope the weekend brings you the all better now!

  3. Popped by from the cat blogosphere!
    Oh MY! Selina, you do look a lot like Scooter, the cat who agrees to live with me. I hope you're not insulted, given that he is a mancat. Do you like the older man? He is quite a senior. I bet if you two linked up you would be great friends. He had a sister, Figs, who had just one eye, so he would be quite used to that. He is sending you some purrs. He has seen the vet himself this week, so you have his sympathy.

  4. Purrrrrss to Selina. We hope you are feeling better soonest.

    Dad knows all about watching kitties pee. FWIW, if there is trouble, the kittie with problems is usually scrunched in there a lot, which makes it easier to notice.

  5. YAY !
    Glad to hear that Selina is back home again :)
    Have a pawsome weekend !

  6. We're glad Selina is home and doing better.

  7. I'm so glad Selina is feeling better! I hope she did everything you were looking for. ;-) And I can't wait to see some photos from Blind Cat Rescue!

  8. Oh, Cat! Miss a couple of days on the innerwebs and see what happens. We send purrs for you to be 100% OK, Selina. And purrs to the 'rents that the g'rents feel much better, too. Srsly, girl, you have to tell the 'rents loud and clear when you are not up to snuff. You was lucky that MomKatt was keeping track of your (ahem) comings and goings. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  9. We hopes you is feelin better and you has a great weekend, Selina! xoxoxo

  10. Have a great weekend Selina - forget about last week and look forward to the new one.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. We are glad you are feeling so much better Selina.

  12. Selina, I am glad you are home and feeling better! One time, I kept having potty problems and it turned out I had bladder stones!

  13. Hooray! We are glad you are feeling better, Selina! We sure hope you had fun with your friends!


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