It is ... a puzzlement!

Appears we have a bit of a mystery.

In my last post today, GIFTS!!!, I thanked my furriend Sparkle for the Fancy Feast breakfast gooshy fud that we received in the mail yesterday.  But she says that her hooman hasn't even turned in everyone's addresses yet!  So it could NOT be from her - plus, this box contained only one can of the FF gooshy fud, and a packet of Nestle (?) chocolate stuff for the pawrent(s) (not that MomKatt's gonna share chocolate drinkie stuff with DadKatt - no freakin' WAY!)

But now the question is  ...


MomKatt hasn't sent away for anything, filled out any surveys or received any "thank you"gifts from a company ... perhaps DadKatt is the culprint?

Stay tuned ..... purr-haps this is a case for ... 

SHERLOCK HEMLOCK!  World's greatest detective!

Or not.  Maybe we're just on someone's mailing list ...

Puzzled purrs,


  1. Understand that you get puzzled , me too would have been that if anyone sent me Fancy feast food.

  2. Hmmmm. I seem to remember a L-O-N-G time ago, I filled out a form on FF's FB page cos they were gonna send out samples of a new food. Does your Mom remember doing that? Could this be it? I wonder.

  3. We got one of those boxes too! A long time ago I remember checking off some offer on the facebook. The chocolate stuff was a surprise.

  4. Mystery food? Oh well, chow down Selina!

  5. Eric and Flynn are right - it is kind of a cool mystery! But I would like to see it solved - what was the return address? Was it personal or a business?

  6. Don't worry about where it came from Selina - eat it and then deny all knowledge of it!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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