Racing Colors! And My Shoe Fetish!


I am CLAIMING them!  They match Pink Bed AND they match Pink Teaser!  MomKatt's decided pink & black must be my racing colors, should I ever decide to go into thoroughbred racing.

She's even wearing a watermelon/pink top & black pants to work today to honor ME!

Plus they are ... well, shoes.  I LOVE MomKatt's shoes, especially sandals.  I think I've meowed about this before but I can't reiterate my love for these things strongly or often enough.  I lie on them, love on them, flip them over with me on my back, bunny-kick them ... it's amazing how many MORE uses they have besides something to be worn by MomKatt.   

Do any of you love a certain type or types of your hoomans' wearing apparel?  I'd love to know I'm not the only kitty obsessed with fashion ... and COLOR!

Ain't I silly?!


PS - Even my text is pink today.  Y'know, this might be the start of a trend ....


  1. Princeton love Mom's flip-flops. They all have bitey marks in them now. MOL!

  2. FASHION !!!???? my stars girl, you've come to the right place...I could talk fashion 24/7 but I DO need time to think about me...dai$y...

    you know selina, a pink boa with a matching handbag full of 50's and 100's would look GREAT with your gorgeous coat !!! hugs from dai$y

  3. Lucy loves to bunny kick anything Mum takes off when she changes her clothes!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. If you're talking about something the human would wear, it'd have to be tee shirts, But If you're talking about anything made of fabric. ..... quilts ... of course!!!

    Hugs, Max

  5. I prefer clothes my human is actually wearing - it makes it extra-satisfying to get fur on them!

  6. We have to agree with Sparkle. Especially just before she goes out the door, that's the best. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  7. I love anything my Pop wears. He used to take off his work shirt and throw it on the bed. I'd roll in it and have my way with it. Then TW noticed all kind of pulls in the shirts and made him stop. What a be-atch.

  8. Lately Billy White Shoes has decided he likes to make biscuits on Dad's tee shirts.


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