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A Sad Week

Meowlo peeps. Quick update, since I've not written in a few days.  My oldest brofur, Sharif, experienced a RAPID onset of acute kidney failure over the last week and Mom&DadKatt had to help him to The Bridge on Monday.  Needless to say, they are both very upset.  Sharif was their first cat, 16-3/4 years old, they got him one month after they got married - so he'd been with them throughout their entire married life up to his death.  MomKatt's taking it pretty hard - and this was to be their vacation week attending some races they'd both been looking forward to at VIR nearby (Virginia International Raceway) w/company coming in from Seattle. So they are still doing that, with MomKatt going back & forth from the house to the track to take care of us ... but there was nothing they could've done for him, his path downhill was SO fast - even from the time that MomKatt took him to the vet Mon. morning for a mini-panel blood workup until she & DadKatt got the

Wordless Wednesday - YOU Caption This Picture!


'Ticia Tewsday!

Get a load of that tail, would you?  Wonder if she gets HBO on that thing?  *giggles* Morticia *loves* being in the pawrents' bathroom window in the late afternoons because the back of our house gets the PM sun and it is VERY warm & cozy.   :)  Even in winter (and, yes, MomKatt *does* open the window in winter for her once in awhile).  Of course, we're lucky in NC in winters that it is usually fairly mild. PS - She also loves to be backlit in "window pictures"!  MOL Uh oh ... reception is getting lousy, better adjust that tail tip!  MOL PURRS! Selina  


Meowlo Peeps! Well *my* Labor Day weekend didn't start out all that auspiciously, let me tell ya!  About 8:45 AM, I was scooped up by MomKatt, thrust into this silly carrier and found myself riding in the MINI - AGAIN!   What the meow?!  She said two weeks ago that THAT trip was gonna be my last until my well-kitty exam next year!  MomKatt LIED! *sigh*  Not being able to fight it, I settled back for the short ride to Dr. L's.  Once arrived, there was nattering amongst the hoomans - something about "expelling" and "worms".  Plus, MomKatt had a poop sample in a plastic bag.  Oh no, what now? I thought - more probing?   Long story short ... the BEST news is ... *drum roll* ... I AM OFFICIALLY WORM-FREE! Second, MomKatt & I really *do* want to give a bit shout-out of thanks to Katie Isabella for calling MomKatt's attention to what was most likely behind my recent "scooting" actions.  Yes, indeed, my anal glands needed expelling! (Should