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Foster Kittens 8.25.13

As p ro mised, some new pics of Ray Charles & Rache l, taken Sun., Aug. 25, 2013.  (Pay NO attention to the hooman behind the k ittens .  She is of no importance. ) Ray Charles:   Rachel: Can you get over HOW MUCH they've GROWN?! Me neither. MomKatt Laura

Another Ray Charles Gain!

Um ... hi everybody! I'm Ray Charles, and Selina let me do today's blog entry to tell you all about another gain that I've made in my continuing quest to become more ... relaxed and social. See, MomKatt's been giving me th ese "calming treats" this week.  I get one per day at "Treat Time" that Rachel and I have every morning, and it's the first treat that I g et.  So far, Rachel's not nosed in on it and wanted to know what I'm getting that she is not so SHHHH!  Don't tell her. Anyway ... T he treats are a bit big, and fish-shaped, so MomKatt breaks it in half and it's like I'm getting TWO trea ts to start, not one.  MomKatt says it's "my appetizer". She started me on the treats Sunday morning, waiting to see what results they would produce once I got some of this medicine that's in the treats in my system.  (Medicine?   They don't ta ste like medicine!  E ven MomKatt says they smell re

A Big Thanks/Hope Chest News!

Hi Peeps! Mo mKatt and I just wanted to (a) apologize for not being around much lately and, more importantly, (b) s ay a great big THANK YOU to everyone who's "pawing it forward" about our foster kittens, Ray Charles and Rachel.  We're really hoping that the more press they get, the great er the chances will be that they will enchant some as -yet uns uspecting human into falling head over paws in love with them an d giving them the "forever home" they both so richly deserve. So .... THANK YOU!  I won't name any one here, because MomKatt's brain is n't the best on the "re tentive" angle, and I'm sure she'd end up accidentally leaving someone out, and we don't want any one upset.  However, you all know who you are and just know that we are so very grateful for all your efforts, contributions, help, assistance with blogging f o rmatting questions, etc. - ANYTHING that you have provided for their "Hope Chest" o

Ray & Rachel Visit My Vet!

Mornin' Peeps: First of all, I hope EVERYONE had a great Black Cat Appreciation Day!  I wasn't around, mainly because MomKatt was helping two very deserving foster kitties that I know at our vet's office, where they were getting a check-up!  Here are the details (so that's how SHE celebrated Black Cat Appreciation Day). I'll let MomKatt take over to give you the latest. Purrs! Selina ************************ Hi all, MomKatt Laura here, with Ray Charles' and Rachel's vet report results from Sat., August 17, 2013.  They saw Dr. Mark Brigham at the Lake Brandy Vet Hospital in Greensboro, NC, where all my kitties go.  Overall, both kittens a re in EXCELLENT health.  Their teeth are clean w/no tartar build-up; their gums are nice and pink; Dr. Brigham palpated their abdomens and all was as it should be.  They won't need anymore shots, etc. until they turn one year of age, and t h ey are eating/drinking, peeing/pooping like champs.  So o n th os

A Thursday Ray Charles

Oh hai! Ray Charles here , wishing you a Happy Thursday!  My sisfur, Rachel, would've been here, too, except when MomKatt was taking pictur es, she was too bu sy crawling all over her, meowing her head off, trying to photobomb me and basically "horning in " on things in general, while NOT cooperating with the flashy-thing so that MomKatt could get a picture of her today! We're going to try for more pictures of us this weekend. Here I am, about to get "Treat Time" this morning!  C'mon MomKatt, make with the goods!  We have Purin a Whisker Lickins Salmon Flavor this morning! Rachel and I both LOVE Whisker Lickins.  (Psst!  Rachel hasn't me t a cat treat YET that SHE didn't like!  MOL)   In the meantime, see how I' ve GROWN!?  I'm not a little kitten anymore - neither is Rachel.  We are both about 7 mont hs young now, MomKatt tells me , and she says we both are growing and lengthening into slee k house panthers .  Doesn

Thursday is the New Friday!

Mornin' Peeps! As you can see, I'm getting my furs all purrty and shiny 'cause, for us, T h ursday of this week is the new Friday!  Yep, MomKatt's off again tomorrow for a Fur -Low Day (I do n't know when this is going to end but, frankly, I'm enjoying it, so I'm not complaining!)  Stoopid Gubment. Anyway, what do I have planned for her does she have planned to do tomorrow, you ask?  Well, she's been muttering about cleaning the house and the bathroom and then of course there are those two kitt ens ...  Personally, I know from trusted sources that  there is a Detroit Tigers double-header scheduled tomorrow - I'm thinking LAP TIME , MomKatt!  And plenty of it too!  I mean, TWO GAMES?!  SCORE!  (And let's hope the Tigers score, too!) But, more importantly, a d ear friend, Brian's dad, is having surgery today , and Mom Katt and I just want t o give him a shout-out of good luck and we know he'll come through with flyin g colors.  He&