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Happy New Year!

Oh Hai! Yeah, I'm in the 'fridge, getting all the goodies out for New Year's Eve with the pawrents!  They're staying home (finally!) to celebrate with us kitties - and probably go to bed by ... oh ... 10:30 PM or so.  MOL.  MomKatt gets sleepy after 8:30 PM if you look at her wrong. I just wanted to wish all my blogging buddies a Happy New Year and thank you for reading my blog in 2013.  Especially I want to thank you for your support of Ray & Rachel (and they say thank you, too). I promise you ... we WILL be back in 2014.  No, really! Happy New Year to all! Purrz! Selina, MomKatt Laura, DadKatt Gary & the Carter Clowder

Joyous Holidays to All!

From all of us:  Morticia Ray and Rachel Sasha Peppers  Oliver and Boudicca We want to wish you all a very joyous 2013 holiday season and thank you for being such loyal followers of my blog. We'll be back on more in 2014.   We love you all!  Be safe! Purrz, Selina, MomKatt Laura, DadKatt Gary and the Carter Clowder


Mornin' peeps! Here I am, in a box.  Aren't I ridiculously cute and appealing? And, for tho se of you wondering how Ray and Rachel are faring, here are a couple of pictures MomKatt took yesterday while cleaning out her closet in her office.  She was taking a break and they were being "disgustingly cute" ...  and gettin' their Sunday easy on pretty well, actually.  And from the front (Ray is on the left, Rachel is on the right sitting up): I tell ya, in reference to how you never see one of those kittens without the other somewhere in close proximity, DadKatt said this morning, "They are their own 'pack'!"  MomKatt laughed, but he is right.  They always travel together and they are the only two, aside from Peppers and Morticia (sometimes), who sleep together in the same bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Won't be long now before Mom&DadKatt's Xmas "stay -cation" starts (5: 00 PM on Fri., Dec. 20 until

Purring for Brian's Sister Gracie

Normally we don't come out on Sunday, as it's MomKatt's cyber "day off" but the news from Brian's Home isn't good this morning & we wanted to come lend our support to Dad Terry and poor Sister Gracie who is very ill.  Clink on the "BH" link above to find out more.  :( We are purring for, and thinking of, you all right now.  Sending much, much love ...  Worried purrs, Selina & MomKatt Laura