Happy New Year!

Oh Hai!

Yeah, I'm in the 'fridge, getting all the goodies out for New Year's Eve with the pawrents!  They're staying home (finally!) to celebrate with us kitties - and probably go to bed by ... oh ... 10:30 PM or so.  MOL.  MomKatt gets sleepy after 8:30 PM if you look at her wrong.

I just wanted to wish all my blogging buddies a Happy New Year and thank you for reading my blog in 2013.  Especially I want to thank you for your support of Ray & Rachel (and they say thank you, too).

I promise you ... we WILL be back in 2014.  No, really!

Happy New Year to all!

Selina, MomKatt Laura, DadKatt Gary & the Carter Clowder


  1. Happy New Year Selena and to your mom and dad and all your sibs :) xox

  2. We wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year sweet friends!

  3. My crazy human takes NAPS at 8:30 and keeps going til 2 - and that's on regular nights! I have NO idea what she's doing tonight. I am kind of scared to ask.

  4. Our Very Best Wishes to all of you for a Happy and Healthy 2014! We are looking forward to lots more blog adventures over the coming year!

    The Chans (and the rest of the gang too!)

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family, Selina!

  6. Dear Selina,
    We are eargerly waiting for your 2014 posts and pictures and we wish you a lovely, happy, nippy 2014!
    Many purrs

  7. Hi Selina! And a very happy Ny to all of you from all of us!

  8. Thank you sweetheart. Happy new year to you and the other babies and your mommy and daddy. xoxoxox


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