Mornin' peeps!

Here I am, in a box.  Aren't I ridiculously cute and appealing?

And, for those of you wondering how Ray and Rachel are faring, here are a couple of pictures MomKatt took yesterday while cleaning out her closet in her office.  She was taking a break and they were being "disgustingly cute" ...  and gettin' their Sunday easy on pretty well, actually.

 And from the front (Ray is on the left, Rachel is on the right sitting up):
I tell ya, in reference to how you never see one of those kittens without the other somewhere in close proximity, DadKatt said this morning, "They are their own 'pack'!"  MomKatt laughed, but he is right.  They always travel together and they are the only two, aside from Peppers and Morticia (sometimes), who sleep together in the same bed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Won't be long now before Mom&DadKatt's Xmas "stay-cation" starts (5:00 PM on Fri., Dec. 20 until Jan. 2) and we can't wait for them to be home with us every day for the entire holiday!

Purrz, ya'll!



  1. that's so neat that they are such togetherness pals!!!

    stories of my rescued kitties

    Debby in Arizona

  2. Selina you are furry cute in the box !
    Ray and and Rachel is of course furry cute too :)

  3. Paws up for a staycation - every kitty's dream vacation for their humans!

  4. selina...everee onez lookin good...N way awesum momkatt & dadkatt getz a staycayshunz with everee one...tell em ta go a head N take off thurzday N fryday two; we said sew.... N knot go bak ta werk til de 6th...why knot :)!!!! happee week ~~~~~~

  5. Looking good! Are you SURE you want them home all the time? Cuz, in my experience, they talk through nap time.

  6. YAY! Holidays coming soon!! Make the most of it and make sure treats are on tap :)

  7. You are always a cutie Miss Selina! Howdy Man Ray, howdy Princess Rachael!

  8. Oh Selina you are too cute :)
    Ray and Rachel are quite a pair too.
    We think there is all kinds of cute in your home !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure,Tiger and JJ

  9. You are all adorable. The staycation sounds like a great way for the peeps to be there to cater to all of your kitty whims.

  10. All of you house panthers are looking pretty adorable! What a great Christmas gift - for your pawrents to be at home with you! Enjoy, kittehz and have a happy Tuesday. XOXO

  11. You look adorable! Pop used to take most of December but now he’s working part time and doesn’t get paid for time off and no vacation. Sob! I miss him.

  12. You do look ultra-cute in that box, Selina. And the Rs look pretty cute snuggled up together too!

    The Chans

  13. Awww... you all look lovingly adorable!

    Thank you so much for your wishes for Milou, Selina. We really appreciate!

  14. I always love seeing kitties sleeping together in a cat bed. An "awwwww" moment for sure! Belle and Rocky did when they were little, but now they don't. Wish I had gotten more photos of them in their little bed.

  15. I love seeing babies, kitties, sleeping together sometimes with their arms around one another.

  16. are all SO adorable!!!
    I bet you'll all have lots of fun on your staycation!
    We love staycations : )

  17. you sweet babies! I miss seeing your bloggie. xoxoxox

    1. Katie, we miss everypurr! Selina here. MomKatt's been run ragged the last ... well the entire month really, training a new person in another office from the one she works in and being on the road so much, she's just exhausted. HOWEVER at 5 PM today she is off officially from then until Jan. 2!! So is DadKatt! We kitties are all anxious for a long vacation time w/the pawrents and I'M looking forward to getting back to my blog! We have, however, been checking in with some of you (including you!) regularly so you didn't think we were dead or something.


      Selina & MomKatt Laura


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