Preppin' For Da Weekend!

Oh hai, peeps!

Yep, it's me, just gettin' ready for my weekend.  A girl's got to look her best at all times, of course, but especially on the weekends, when you might get a date or be spotted by some likely mankitty that might want to get to know you better - know what I mean, girls?

So here I go ...

Every detail is important.  You can't skimp at a time like this!  No shortcuts allowed!

Yes, even the unmentionables, actually I say ESPECIALLY the unmentionables!  It gives a cat confidence!  And nothing's sexxier than CONFIDENCE, am I right, ladies?

Voila!  Behold the fruits of my efforts.  Observe how shiny my furs are.  I just gleam, don't I?

OK all you mankitties ... let's see what ya got!  How 'bout we start the pawty with a vigorous session on the Star Chaser?

Then we can do some Bird TV .... a great time to snuggle.

Or, if you like, some "bag play"!

No doubt about it:  I can really show the right mankitty a good - no, great - time!

There's only one thing wrong with all this planning, though.

He's gotta SHOW UP.

*sigh*.   Oh well, happy weekend, ya'll!

A very CLEAN Selina    


  1. I know you will have a fun, fun weekend sweet one!

    1. Brian, I DO have fun! Guess what? Boudicca and I TOUCHED NOSES yesterday! MomKatt nearly had a FIT!

      Of course, one hour later she started her **** with me! I hopped up on the counter! Nayyah!

      Hope all of you are all mended and not sick anymore!


  2. Oh WOW Those furs are GLEAMING! You look totally gorgeous, Daaaaahling!

    The Chans

  3. Selina....if yur inta fishermenz...we iz heer...N we spoze ewe haz hurd de tur moilz gonna on over at catster...they bee shuttin down de community pages...all of em...catz AND dogs...march 3...get your stuff saved N offa ther soon az ya can...heerz ta a friez N flounder happee week oh end !!

  4. I know it is good to be purrpared for anything. You are looking particularly enticing, Selena ;) xox

  5. You do not need a mancat to have a good time.. you can do that all by yourself..


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