Selina - Food Follies

Napoleon Bonaparte once famously declared, "An army lives on its stomach."

So with the French, so with the cats in our house.  Observe Rachel, otherwise known as "Miss Hoover 2014".

Then, there is Ray, who is completely without shame.  He works MomKatt during treat time in the morning as single-mindedly as a bloodhound sniffing quail.

Truth is, we ALL jockey for position in the mornings, as you can see here.  I, Selina, am on the left, Ray is propped against the cabinet door and Rachel is just above the dish washer - still vacuuming "bits".  MOL

 There is, however, one exception.

Yes, Morticia.  Always the lady.  Always the poised.  Always the ...

Wait a minute!  Are you kidding me?  She works MomKatt LIKE A BOSS!  She cries so pitifully at our AM feedings that DadKatt can hear her all the way down the hall into their bedroom and starts laughing!

Don't let that innocent look fool you.  She wants her share - and gets it too, I might add.

Rachel ... geeze, cat, give UP already!  You've Hoovered the entire countertop.   There IS no more!

Well, after all that Gooshy Goodness, it's time for a nice nap in Pink Bed, wouldn't you agree?

   "What the ... HEY!  Get outta my bed!"

Humph ... shameless hussy usurper!!!

Selina, signing off to snooze UPSTAIRS, thankyouverymuch!


  1. MOL!! I might come to your house for treats. I am ace at hoovering ;)

  2. It sounds like a wild time there when the clock strikes treat o'clock!

  3. Hahahahaha!! Sounds pretty lively at mealtimes ;)
    Did poor Peppers sleep through all this?
    Your Mom does not stand a chance, you cats rule!!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  4. Binga is demanding enough for all three of us! Boodie and I are very polite.

  5. You got the food fun going on sweet girl! Howdy Man Ray!

  6. guys...if mom katt N dad katt wood put out mor treetz, N canned goodz, N get up an hour earl lee N haz bags oh kibble on stand bye anda few 100 popunds oh fish all reddy seered N reddy ta go....AND get 18 mor pink bedz.....trubull solved !!

    hope everee one haza cod kinda caturday anda salmon samich sunday !!


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