Tuesday Man Ray!

Doo dee doo dee doo ...

Oh HAI everybody!  It's me, Man Ray (but you can call me Ray ... or you can call me Jay ... or you can call me RJ ... but you doesn't hasta call me Johnson.)

Do you get that reference?  I don't.  MomKatt said it was funny, though.  She said some of you might get it.


Here I am this morning.  What am I doing, you might ask (aside from the obvious which is sitting on the dining room table)?  Well, I am waiting patiently for MomKatt to fix her breakfast.  And bring it right here - to this very spot - at the table.  'Cause you know what I do then? 

I try to filch it!

It's not that I don't want MomKatt to eat - I do!  If she doesn't eat, then she'll become weak and feeble and won't be able to give us our gooshy food and other tasty snacks.

However, if she doesn't want me or Rachel to attempt said food "filching", she ought not to fix foods that smell so good!  In the mornings, it's either a Weight Watchers Turkey Sausage Muffin (with cheese!) for her, or just an egg and cheese muffin.  I prefer the turkey sausage muffin - it smells HEAVENLY.  

But do you know what?  She doesn't let me have any!!  She says that I've already gotten treats!  (Well, ok ... I admit it.  By this time in the mornings, I've had 1/4 can of Fancy Feast Cheddar Delights, then when Morticia gets her morning ham we all kinda hang out and make it impossible for us NOT to benefit by getting a few small bites ourselves ... then I usually wheedle 3-4 Whisker Lickins treats from MomKatt after she's gotten dressed and is fixing her pre-breakfast cup of coffee).

Yes, yes, ok she DOES have a point.  And I'm always a good boy about this.  I'm not like Rachel, who cries piteously (and loudly!) and RUNS across the counter like she's not been fed in six minutes.  I never act demanding, or claw her leg to get her attention.  I either just sit - like I'm sitting here in this picture - and wait patiently ... or if MomKatt's sitting in the chair with the yummy muffin before her, I hop up on the chair behind her and try to insert myself between the table and her right arm.  (See the books there?  She's always reading, and especially when she eats, so I try to use that weakness to my advantage.  Sometimes it works.  MOL  Her mind's in the 1400s!  My strategy - which almost worked once - is to sandwich myself between the table and her arm while she's thinking about the Wars of the Roses and then quickly and quietly purloin the muffin or, more realistically, the top part of the muffin.  Or just whatever I'm lucky enough to snag.)  

If I'm successful at said insertion, then I hop up on the table.  If I'm NOT successful, she just has her right arm around me in the chair while I'm treated to the spectacle of HER eating that delectable muffin.

So by this point you might be wondering whether I was successful this morning.  The answer is "No".  I was not.  But that's OK.  I'm a sweet boy and I'm never obnoxious about it.  I know I'll get a treat soon - actually, we get CatSip and we've found we LOVE it!

So ... MomKatt?  Maybe a bowl of nice, cold, refreshing CatSip?  Huh?  Can we?  Please??!  Look - I've got my "really adorable face" on!

(Humm ... maybe Rachel's idea of "tag-teaming" MomKatt has some validity ... must formulate Plan B ...)

This is Man Ray, signing out.  Aloha!



  1. Man Ray, I can't explain it but there is something about you that makes mommy long to hold you. I wouldn't permit it I'm afraid if it were here in the house but she has it bad for you, I have to tell you.xxoo

    1. Oh Katie, it's that FACE of his. MomKatt says it "melts" her - do you wonder WHY he wound up living here permanently?

      And it was such a joy seeing YOUR face this morning on the "Cats of the CB" calendar! MomKatt showed it to DadKatt & said she thought you were SOOOOO beautiful! DadKatt did, too!

      Purrs, my furriend!

    2. Man Ray and Selina and mom and dad...you make me, Katie Isabella very happy. <3

  2. well mum says he's a handsome fello,But I THINK you're the cutie pie,xx Speedy

  3. dood....we knead ta talk....we noe yur mom katt N dad katt iz both veree veree wise...after all, they adopted ewe N rachel...rite...HOWEVER....therz thiz BURD thing buddy ....we knead ta haza sit down...plus we could use sum care oh lina sunshine N heet coz it bee 75 thouzand bee low zee row heer.....all uz :) ~~~~~!!!!

  4. Ray, I say persistence pays off! If you keep at it, you just may be able to share your human's breakfast one day! Although I have to say, Binga has been working at sharing with the humans here for over a decade and her results have been VERY mixed.

  5. If you don’t succeed at first, Ray, keep trying. We both have humans who don’t like to share.

  6. It's so good to see you looking handsome and confident, Ray! It sounds like you nearly have your mom wrapped around your paw.

  7. Hey Ray, just look at you pal. Your Mom knew there was a diamond in your heart and it is shining through wonderfully!

  8. Oh Ray! You are such a handsome kitty.
    No wonder your Mom could never part with you :)
    Too bad she finds it easy to not share ;) heehee
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  9. Just don't call you late for dinner right??

    You should tell your mom you are the new food safety inspector and you must taste her food before she eats it to make sure she is safe..


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