I'm Back!

Hi Kittehs and Peepuls!  I have returned!

I know you missed me.  I certainly have missed you all.  I must apologize, both for myself and my typist.  Things have been VERY busy around here, the reason for which some of you know.  Others who don't will, I'm afraid, just have to wait 'til the appropriate time.  Sorry, I don't mean to be cryptic, but MomKatt has made me PROMISE to not meow a word about this topic ... unless you want to ask her privately.

ANYWHOO ... here I am yesterday, lapping up the sunpuddles, which were legion over this weekend here in North Carolina.

Don't my furs look kinda artistic?  MomKatt said the sunlight "dappled" me!  I didn't care.  I was VERY WARM and cozy.

Let's see ... what's been going on here.  We are all fine, the hoomans are just busy and MomKatt's been pinch-hitting again at her work until a new person starts work (luckily, she starts today (!!!) so that's why I'm hoping that my blog will now get back to normal so I can inform ya'll what's going on on a more consistent basis, like I used to.)

A bit of worrisome news, but MomKatt is being optimistic.  Miss Rachel went to get her rabies shot update on Saturday, and Dr. Brigham said that her left eye ... well, I don't know all the big words for it but, basically, it's 100% useless and her body is absorbing it back into itself.  He said to think of it like a grape; you know how when a grape shrivels up it becomes a raisin?  Well, because of her eye issues, and the entropion, and who knows what all happened to her before she was rescued, that is what is happening to her poor left eye and it's causing her to (on a good day) squint and, on a "bad" day, her eye is just closed altogether.  

Her right eye, conversely, is just fine.  Dr. B said Rachel has nearly 100% of her vision in that eye.  But, as for the left eye, he wants to go ahead & remove it completely and sew up her eye socket.

MomKatt's waiting on a call from him today about a cost estimate and more details on what will happen and when.  Rachel is and acts just fine - she plays hard, she's 100% healthy and happy.  Except for this.  But he said that, rather than leave it "as is", it will be better to remove what's left of the eyeball.  And MomKatt cleans her eye once or twice a day when it gets a little goopy, but yesterday she REALLY saw how shrunken the eyeball was.  

All this made her VERY sad & depressed on Saturday.  She was blaming herself but Dr. B said he in NO way was putting any kind of guilt trip on her; this was just a result of her vision issues, and stuff that happened to her before we even met her.  And DadKatt told her that Rachel has always kinda squinted since we've had her, so it wasn't anything she could have known about.  And the eyeball must have looked OK before this, when she went to get checked out last summer before they adopted both of them officially; otherwise, she KNOWS either Dr. B or Dr. L would have said something.

So.  We will keep you informed of what's going on, and when she goes to have the procedure done.  Likely she'll have to stay at the hospital overnight, which also upset MomKatt because she told DadKatt, "When he said I'd have to (because of monitoring pain meds that she might need, and her early progress), I thought of the house without her & my stomach twisted because I've grown SO used to her and how lively she is around the place and she knew she AND Ray would miss her!"  DadKatt comforted her as best he could, and she felt better yesterday. 

Rachel, meanwhile, is acting like herself, but seems to be following MomKatt even more than usual.  DadKatt said that was just her imagination - Ray & Rachel ALWAYS follow her all over the place.  But ... still.

So that's our news.  Oh!  MomKatt had a good find at a local antique shop last week.  She collects black kitty stuff, like ceramics, and she's got a special interest in any ceramic from Japan (hopefully pre-war, but as long as it's old) and she found this little guy last Thursday in Winston-Salem:

Can you guess what he is?  Well, as you can see, he's got some red felt on his back.

Yes!  He's a pincushion (and yes, from Japan).  But the really COOL thing is that he does this:

He is a tape measure!  And he was a steal at $18.  MomKatt couldn't resist.

So now, he's been added to the collection, thus:

Rachel was very curious about him:

Then she got distracted by MomKatt's bookbag.

Ray just wanted some treats.  MomKatt said to include the pic of him, since ya'll were probably going through some severe Little Man Kitteh pangs, not having seen him in awhile.


More later - it's good to be back!




  1. Welcome back! Have a nice week!

  2. It's good to see you back, Selina! You know, Ashton had to have enucleation surgery becuase her eye did that, too, and she's a happy girl now. Rachel will be, too, but it's really hard to watch your kitty go through.

    1. Oh thank you!! MomKatt still feels kinda punky about this and she's anxiously awaiting the call from Dr. B today. We didn't know that about Ashton. How long did her recovery take?

  3. Oh poor Rachel,But she will be just fine with the one eye just like we are,and it no one's fault its just on of those thing,snuggles xx Speedy

  4. rachel....itz knot yur momkatt ore dad katts fault....de vet noes thiz, N ewe noe thiz N we noe HAD ther been any kinda any thing they coulda done, they wooda did it .....sew we hope yur momkatt doez knot put blame wear it shuldna bee...we will ask R pal St Francis ta stock pile sum blessings for ewe...sounds good ??!!! sounds good ♥♥

  5. I am sure Rachel will be fine once she gets that pesky dead eye out! I'm sending purrs her way, even though it does not sound like it is bothering her too much. My human loves that kitty pincushion and tape measure - how amazing is that, that it is in such great shape for an antique!

  6. Purrs for Miss Rachel! and you do look lovely in the sunpuddle..

  7. Noes, precious Rachel...so sad to see her lose her left eye...BUT...Ashton is just fine; and with that eye gone, maybe Rachel will look more like you Selina and you will take her into your heart as your sisfur for sure! And with one really great eye...she will not slow down one bit. Momkat you have done everything just great...your devotion to the twins is obvious; paw hugs from me and peep hugs from Mom Linda

    1. MomKatt IS devoted to them, and they to her Savvy. You should see Ray suck up to her ... headbonks, the WORKS. It's disgusting! (Well, alright it's not but ... really. He gives kittehs the left hook whenever they try to approach her when HE'S lovin' on her! MOL) Sheesh boys!!

  8. While we are sorry to hear about Rachel's eye,
    we think it will be cool to have two girls in the family with "winking eyes"
    Kitties adapt well and we are sure she will be zooming around soon.
    We send BIG purrs and hope everything will go well when the time comes.
    We know MomKatt will be nervous,our Mom would be too.
    We also like the "new kitty" :)
    Mom picked up a cross stitch of 5 black cats in a tree with a woman
    near them. She likes black cats too :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  9. Oh dear, that is such terrible news for Miss Rachael, we can only imagine how you feel cause that makes our heart hurt. Yes dear Selina, we always miss you.

  10. Great on see you again. So you and Rachel will be like twins with two missing left eyes? Cool! Ray is gonna miss her but it’s prolly for the best.

  11. It is sad to hear about Rachel's eye but she will adapt quickly and just be her usual self after a few days. We know you will take wonderful care of her.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Very glad to see that you're back! We're sure Rachel will be as good as new once her eye is taken care of.


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