Holiday Nom Check

Oh hai!

It's me, the One-Eyed Thang, checking up on the pawrents' holiday/Xmas goodies!  I'm making my list and checkin' it twice for appropriate noms and amounts thereof.

Hummm.  Salad dressing.  OK that's MomKatt's part of the 'fridge.  

I checked the beer part, so DadKatt's covered (he loves porters).

But WHERE IS THE CHICKEN? Humm???  For us KITTEHS?!  I have yet seen NO evidence of fowl ANYWHERE in this refrigerator!  What gives?

Woman, get thee to the grocery store ASAP!

Really!  If I had keys to her MINI (and thumbs ... and a driver's license), I'd get the bird MYSELF!

There'd BETTER be some chicken for us on Xmas Day ... or Santa's gonna get an earful!


Uh on ... Better shut up.  MomKatt said something about some chicken in my stocking????  Mustn't let Santa here me kvetching!


  1. careful....there is still time to land on the naughty kitty list :)

  2. Chicken is a necessity...every holiday!

  3. We agree that there is time to bet the bird,
    but it helps to remind your Mom.
    Moms can be forgetful ya know!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Whoa, you're in the cold box? If you find where the chicken hides in there, let us know!

  5. There is chicken in MY fridge! But my human says it is not for me. Hmmm...


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