Sunday Scare

Well, little Miss Rachel gave me a bit of a scare yesterday.  I got up at 6:30 AM and started feeding everyone like I normally do and after that, I scooped the boxes.  I saw Rachel enter the box in the dining room and squat ... and squat ... and squat.

I went over to her and saw she was trying to pee but wasn't.  "OK," I thought.  "I need to monitor this."

By 8 AM she'd gotten into the same box three more times, all without success, except for a couple of dime-sized droplets.  Time to visit the emergency vet.

So I eat, shower and dress and get the carrier.  Thank goodness she doesn't object to being put in the carrier (she just sings opera in the car in protest).  Thank goodness we have the Reidsville Veterinary Hospital at home that's open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  I've only had one other encounter with them (Selina) but they couldn't have been more helpful and kind (both of the incidents were on Sundays - why this happens on Sundays I have no idea.  OTOH it was nice & quiet there at 9 AM so that was a plus.)

They took her right in, got her history from me (since it's not my usual vet practice) and whisked her out to weigh & examine her.  Brought her back and said, "It's most likely a UTI.  We cannot find a thing otherwise wrong with her.  It *might* be crystals but we'll go with the UTI diagnosis, put her on a 10-day dosage of Clavamox and see how she fares."  They gave her her starter pill there and she was SUCH a good girl.  They just tipped her head back, popped the pill behind her tongue and we waited to see her tongue poke out so we knew she'd swallowed it.

Rachel was her usual lively self yesterday, maybe a *touch* less active (that could have been the vet trip aftershock LOL).  But on the whole, bright, chipper and just as loving and sweet as usual.

This morning I kept an eagle eye on that particular box after I cleaned it ... and MERCY!  She got in and PEED!  (Isn't it funny the things we cat lovers get excited about!?)  I praised her to the skies and she's taken her pill last night AND this morning (in a piece of ham this morning and a piece of cheese last night).  I'm keeping her on the full 10-day regimen to make sure she's well clear.  And probably taking her to Dr. B and Dr. L once the med is gone, just to be on the safe side.

(I know I've posted this picture of the Little Kitten Thing but ... honestly, are you going to complain?  It's one of my favorite pics of her.)

So that's our Monday news.  Hope ya'll are doing well.  Selina's asleep & says to imagine her waving a sleepy paw at her peeps.




  1. Purrs sweetie, I can so relate to all that pee stuff. We think you are headed towards all better.

  2. We had an issue this weekend too.. Purrs for Miss Rachel

    1. Oh noes! Is everything alright over your way??

  3. I'm so glad that Rachel is feeling better - and that she is so good about her meds! My human and I were really concerned when we saw the post on Facebook.

  4. Glad to hear Rachel is making a speedy recovery.

  5. Lots of purrs for Rachel to make a complete recovery!

  6. We are relieved to hear rachel is doing so well. We will keep sending purrs till all the meds are gone and the Vet gives the OK :)
    She is a cutie !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. We're purring that Rachel is back to 100% real soon.

  8. WHAT a horrible feeling when these things happen. Katie did something similar but thank goodness I was able to get her to her Vet as we just missed Sunday. And boy, are you ever right about that day of the week and kitty's who are not well! As mom I want to say that your comment to Katie about the Admiral went straight to my heart. What a loving comment. xo

    1. Oh thank you! We meant it - you know, "been there/done that". :)

      Hope you both have a great day. I know you have a treasure trove of memories about Admiral you'll be thinking of today.

  9. St Francis blessings two ewe Rachel....that crystal chick iz bad mews...we hope her iz gone N doez knot come bak fora familee ree union, a visit, ore just ta say hi....matter oh fact her can leevez de countree !!! hope ya get ta feelin better faster N quik, noe fish for a while :(

  10. Glad Rachel is peeing, we are sending healing purrs that everything keeps working like it should.


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