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Wordless Wed. with Ray & Posse


What We've Been Up To Lately

Meowlo peeps! MomKatt never ceases to amaze me:  I'm here today, posting for you!  Two days in a row! OK I'll stop giving her poop.   So what are some things she's caught us doing with the phone camera? Well, firstly, I'm modeling my new kitteh mat here. (Actually, I think it's supposed to be a door mat for the house but MomKatt said it was too nice to put it outside and I agree!) Here is Nutmeg, conquering DadKatt.  She's just shoved her little self fit right in with us around here.  She, Ray and Rachel are "The Three Musketeers" and I'm the occasional fourth, if I feel like joining their insane chasing.  (Which I usually do.) Lastly, here's Rachel.  She's not actually doing anything, except maybe wasting time letting you see how pretty she is. Sadly, Ray cannot be with us today.  Mainly because MomKatt can't get a decent pic of him lately.  Don't ask me why.  I think he's just o

I Am Not In This Picture

Meowlo, peeps! Yes, I am here.  I know you missed me. And yet, I am NOT here.  I'm not here in the sense that I'm not in the photo above that MomKatt took this morning.  From left that is Ray, Rachel and The Little Brat Nutmeg . This window is in the pawrents' bathroom.  Usually, it's Morticia's place.  She loves to sit there with the window open in the mornings while MomKatt's taking a shower, just checking on her kingdom, watching squirrels etc.  But "The Three Musketeers" have discovered the joys of window-sitting and my poor sisfur can hardly get any time at all in the window now without one (or all) of them ousting her from her beloved space. I simply don't fit there with all of them up there and I never was really interested in the bathroom window, anyway.  I much prefer this location at the moment: These are some boxes MomKatt's packed for their move - whenever this house sells.  I like it 'cause I'm near th