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Meowlo, Peeps! I'm looking out of our kitchen window right now. This is where DadKatt puts the hummingbird feeder.  He just loves to tend to them and watch them.  Setting up Bird TV in HD for us is his hobby and the hummers really get him going.  But with all the terrible weather we've been having, plus the fact that it's time for them all to start migrating to warmer areas, we've not seen any in the past week or so ... and DadKatt hates to bring the feeder in 'cause that means no more hummers until next spring! I hate it too but Nutmeg's going to hate it even MORE!  She's spent all summer scrabbling on the window, trying to get them.  After they realized she was no danger, they just drank like normal and probably told her to stuff it! This lack of sunshine is playing heck with my tanning sessions! Speaking of the little shaver, today is a very special day.  Nutmeg is one year old today!  MomKatt says her little girl's growing up.  I say s

Prepping for Halloween

Meowlo Peeps! I know, I know.  Way too long between posts.  My typist has been very neglectful! Actually, nothing much has been going on here to meow about.  Well, maybe there is. I went to the V E T for my annual two weeks ago.  I'm 2 pounds overweight!!  Now, we can't be having that, can we?  Dr. L suggested Science Diet Weight Management kibble - since I LOOOOVVVEEE my kibble, maybe a bit TOO much? - so after we finish this bag of Authority, we're going to give it a try.  She's already gotten a bag.  I hope I like it. Then, there's MomKatt's recent nightly efforts at trying to twist herself into a human pretzel upstairs for the past month.  We are NOT allowed in the room with her when this is occurring.  I don't understand why.  She says that we'd trip her when doing "tree pose".  I'm so confused - why would a hooman want to pretend to be a tree?  We disagree.  But she closes the door anyway. She calls this strange activity &