Wild Wednesday Featuring Keaton

Meowlo, peeps!

I hope my fans are all happy and doing well.  MK says it's very cold outside and that I'm lucky I'm a 100% indoor kitty.  She said there are not any laps outside to keep warm in!  What cat is crazy enough to go out?

For those who don't know, we have a new bratty brofur, Keaton.  MK named him after her favorite silent actor, Buster Keaton, because she said that they both perform their own stunts and always bounced back no matter how hard or dangerous the stunt was.

He is 8 months old and slinks around like he owns the place.  Humph.  He thinks that my poor sisfur, Nutmeg, is his personal sparring partner and jumps on her every time he gets a chance!  He nails Rachel, too, but she manages to get away from him.

He tries to tangle with me once in a while.  Sometimes I let him and give him a good bunny-kicking, but most times, I give him my patented "Back Off" paw!  Then he'll go damage the sofa, patrol the bathroom (showers are fun!) or shred a toy!

The Red Dot drives him nuts.  I play with him then because it fascinates me, too!  *I* know I can't get it but Keaton seems not to have learned this yet.  So he is quite frustrated, which I find most amusing.  MK and DK love watching him chase it down our front door hallway, which opens up onto a linoleum floor - can you said SLIDE??  Then he always bangs against the door but just turns around and keeps coming.  Nothing phases him.

Ah, youth.  (BOYS!)

Here are some pictures.  We have videos but MK need to re-learn how to post them.

Until next time - purrs y'all!


Thinks everybody wants to see his tummy.  He'll lure you in then ... CLAWS!

SO innocent - NOT!

In DK's lap after he first arrived.

"Humm ... where's Nutmeg?"


  1. We have our very own little panther terror in the shape of Benny who got a great kick out of making my life hell until young Momo arrived. Youngsters are a real pawful!

    Queen Tama

  2. Keaton looks really cute, but those little ones sure have a lot of energy, right?

  3. Gee! Keaton is a very good looking cat. That's because he looks like me...black!
    I must admit I would not be too happy about a young kit running around causing an uproar.
    Hopefully in time he can settle down a bit ;) MOL!
    Purrs, Julie


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