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Selina Update

Oh hai! It's me, Selina.  Thanks for everyone's concern about my vet visit on Saturday. A s many of you suspected and/or hop ed, my tummy/ inside legs fur loss/thinning seems to be seasonal.  Dr. B checked me out ste m to stern and could find nothing wrong with me.  Heart, lungs, etc. all checked out fine. As you can see, I look great, as always.  He said for MomKatt not to worry, just to keep an eye on thi ngs (namely M E!) and he felt s ure the fur would soon be growing back. So that's really good news to start off you r week, isn't it? H ope everyone has a nice Monday ! Purrz, Selina PS - Now if those brats kittens would just stop photo bombing me ...  


Hi all! Thanks for your feedback from the other day.  Selina's going with Boudicca & Sasha on Saturday when they go see Dr. L for their well kitty exams.  They are going to squeeze her in & check her out.  I'm hoping this is nothing to worry about. Will keep ya'll posted ... thanks f or caring about My L ittle One-Eyed T hang.  :) MomKatt Laura

Advice Needed

Hi, all, MomKatt here. I need some advice.  I'm hoping this is just a reaction to (A) the kittens and the adjustment period and (B) also adjusting to Boudicca being upstairs all the time now but ... poor Selina.  I don't SEE her doing the licki ng but it's the only thi ng I can put it down to. The fur on a lot of her tummy and the in sides of her legs is VERY thin, and has been for a couple of months now, like with Ray late last summer/early last f all.   Behaviorally speak ing, she's acting like her no rmal sel f;  eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, level of activity s ky-high (again, the kittens help with that, I think , because they chase each other and w hen I play "teaser" with Rachel, Selina & Ray are both right there, participating - and Boudicca, too, who really needs the activity ' cause she' s still slightly a butterball, but Selina can be non e too pleased about her presence, though she HAS mellowed out - A LITTLE). I wa s thinkin

Mystery Butt!

These "mystery butts" keep showing up in my sink a lot lately .... see if you can guess who belongs to this one ! If you guess correctly, you don't win anything in a material sense.  And you don't win a cat butt either, like you'd "win" a date on "Mystery Date" - remember that old board game?    You just receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are able to ID *my* black cats' butts.  I'm not sure what that says about you.  ha ha   If I were better at graphics, I'd "re design" that box top to make it conf o rm with the theme of this entry.  But ... I'm not.  So unless some tale nted volunteer steps up to the ... um ... sink ... just use your imagi nations! Hint:  The butt picture d is not Selina's Happy Friday - and spring's final ly HERE!  

Mankatt Monday with Man Ray!

*si nging* "Ahhhmmmm a man ... yes, I am ... and you can't help but love me so!" Oh H AI!  Isn't that a great song?  Bet some of you remember the lyrics.  MomKatt said you would.  It's me, Man Ray, here on ManKatt Monday to say that I hope everypurr has a pawsitively great week and show off the pictures MomKatt took yesterday of me lounging on the ir my sofa! L eather, too!  C O M F Y spells "COMFY"! On my nice green blankie!  (Well, it's MomKatt's but she lets me lay on it 'cause I love it so. A really nice close-up.  :) MomKatt's handsome, laid-back man-kitty for ALWAY S !  (That's what she calls me - amon gst other silly names.  MOL) Well, I'm gonna opt for a snooze now.  Ya'll come back now, y'hear?   Gentle headbonks to all, Ray (Man)