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Almost Two Weeks

Many thanks to Ann Adamas for this lovely tribute picture.  Two weeks this coming Monday.  The house still seems to empty without him, though the kits are keeping our spirits up.  What would we do without them? And Gary & I want to thank you all SO much for all your kind words of condolence.  There really no folks like cat/animal folks:  they're such a special and loving group.  I wish you all could have known him; he was one in a million - just a big, sweet lug of a kitty. Laura, Gary and the Small Furry Creatures from Alpha-Centauri

Cat World Domination Day!

Hey, ya'll! Frankly I thought EVERY day was Cat World Domination Day but ... it never hurts to emphasize the point, does it? We Small Furry Creatures from Alpha-Centari are all celebrating in our own individual ways.  For instance:  Here's Nutmeg.  Don't you love the facial expression??     OMC!  Am I late for the pawty?  Can I bring my pipe cleaner??? Boudicca is keeping watch on the premises in case dogs intruders show up to ruin the pawty: "No pawty-crashers are getting past ME!" Morticia is sleeping through it.  Lazy, lazy!  Then again, she's like MomKatt:  not a night kitty. Ray is also resting but, like Boudicca, he's alert.  I think he's waiting for our caterer to bring the nip brownies! "No, MomKatt, I want a nip'tini!" And Rachel is ... well she's just waiting for any old thing that might pass by! "Hey aren't you people supposed to bow down before us, or something?"  

International Box Day: Our Contribution

Meowlo peeps!  It's me, Selina!  Didja miss me? First of all, a huge THANK YOU for everyone that sent us messages about my brofur, Peppers.  Mom&DadKatt appreciated each person and kitty that sent one.  It's been really, really rough for them the last two weeks and, while they're still sad, we kitties are trying hard to keep cheering them up and that leads to ...  International Box Day! Last night, Nutmeg got things going.  She's so photogenic!   "See how cute I am?" "I am multi-tasking by testing ALL the boxes!" Even Sasha got in on the festivities! "Humm ... I don't know about this!" Then Rachel took over for Nutmeg after she'd served her time. "Get out, Nutmeg.  It's MY turn!  Quit mugging for the camera!  Dern Torties ... " "I finally got her away from it!  I'm in!  Where's Ray?  I want to jump out at him!"  Morticia was rather upset that the pawrents w

My Brofur Peppers - R.I.P.

Meowlo. My big brofur, Peppers, died this morning of pancretitus.  He was brave and fought all weekend, as did Mom&DadKatt.  They force-fed him baby food several times a day, but the appetite stimulants he got Friday weren't doing any good.  All he would do was drink and, last night, he stopped doing that.  They didn't think he'd make it through last night, but he did, somehow.  MomKatt took him in at 7 AM sharp, and they put him on an IV for fluids, as his temp. was 8 degrees below normal.  They wrapped him in blankets & a heating pad and, once his temp was up to par, they were going to start an IV line for feeding. But, as Dr. Lofgren was trying to get the line into his paw, he saw Peppers give about three breaths and ... he slipped away. MomKatt wrote this about him on her Facebook page: I told Peppers that now he's an extra bright star up somewhere in the vast Universe, amongst the other stars and planets. I told him to tell the planets and the

Peppers Still Not Well

Hi, Selina Peeps.  MomKatt here with a Peppers update: Still won't eat - not even the morsel of FF like he's eaten earlier in the week. Turned his head at it both last night and this morning. So it's back to the vet at 4 PM today to give him a B-complex shot as an appetite stimulant. Apparently, the cortisone shot didn't do the trick in that capacity on Wed.  He tried to poop day before yesterday but only manged one ball about the size of a quarter, and he tried to throw up after I got him home from the vet Wed., but nothing was produced. This morning, I noticed his back legs were a bit wobbly, so he's weak from not eating, or becoming that way. My vet isn't open tomorrow so I had to do something today. I'm hoping this does the trick over the weekend but am still going to get some baby food on my way home this afternoon to pick him up. Please keep purring for my boy! Selina & I appreciate it! Laura PS - This is a pic of Peppe

Update on the Patient

Well, here is a Peppers update for those of you who don't do Facebook. He ate a little gooshy food this morning, and drank from the bathroom sink. He ALSO walked into the kitchen and drank from our porcelain fountain, laying down next to it for a little. Then he spent a lot of the AM in our bathroom on the bath mat - while we each showered. Everyone came up to him and sniffed him throughout the morning, especially Morticia. The alarm went off at 5, and I heard a funny noise, not his usual meow. I said, "What the hell was that?" and Gary said, "I think it was Peppers." So I got up and he was in our bathroom on the bath mat. I sat with him, petting & rubbing him, and he purred like he usually does - nice and rumbly and loud. He wasn't interested in crunchy food but I DID manage to persuade him to eat some more Fancy Feast. If anyone has more suggestions about how to stimulate his appetite or something I might tempt him with, don

Selina - Grateful Wednesday

Meowlo, peeps! I know today's supposed to be "wordless" so I'll keep it short.  We got good news this morning about my brofur, Peppers.  He's OK!  Nothing physically wrong with him, we think his accident on Sunday just spooked/threw him and Dr. B gave him a cortisone shot for inflammatory purposes but all else checked out physically and neurologically.  (DadKatt accidentally pushed him off of the bed with his foot and, since it's a platform bed, we think he struck the platform somehow that spooked/scared him.  He's been 98% in their closet ever since and MomKatt and DadKatt were VERY worried, so this is great news for them.) I'll just stop meowing now and show you a recent picture of him.  He really IS a handsome devil, isn't he? I know Morticia'll be glad when he gets back to his old self.  He has not been available to clean her head and she's mighty put out about that! Purrz! Selina

Why Wait?!?

Kitties! I say, break out of the old, tired blogging traditions!  Why slavishly ape your predecessors?  Get rebellious!  Shake things up!  Dare to be different! Take you "Sunday Easy" on Friday!  Declare your independence!  (And get extra ZZZ's in the process.) Purrz! Selina  

And now ... Man-Ray!

Hello out there to all my fans ...  Nutmeg had her day yesterday.  Today it's my turn. This is me, Man-Ray. Did you know that Nutmeg is my favorite playtoy?  She worships me - you should see how she follows me all over the place.  We love to play Smacky Paws.  We chase each other at night all the time - especially during this time of the month when there is a full moon.   MomKatt calls me her "Man Panther" because of how panther-like my house-slinkings are. I must say I agree with that description.  And I think you will too after looking at these pictures.  I'm a very sleek Man Panther! I love this blanket!  And the leather couch! My furs are so shiny, I look like I have furniture polish on! Sending bonks to all my fans, Man-Ray, Senior Man Panther & Professional Head-Bonker (*Kittens, don't try this at home yourselfs.)

Wordless Wednesday - In Your Face!

Extreme Nutmeg