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Helping Sparkle Spread the Word about Black Cat Rescue! & Help Miss Kitty Find a Forever Home

My dear furriend, Sparkle , blogged today about a super upcoming (TOMORROW Dec. 1, from 6 PM to Midnight Eastern Time) pawty on Twitter - #NipClub is having its First Annual Holiday Bazaar - that will benefit Black Cat Rescue in Boston, MA.  To read more about it and see her post (yes, you'll be able to buy some of Sparkle's great swag at this event), just click on her name in the previous sentence!! And, to learn more about Black Cat Rescue , just click on their name to visit their website.  My MomKatt just loves these guys and, of course, we FULLY support any organization that loves & saves blackies.  They are a no-kill, all-volunteer organization and they do awesome work.  Portions of your purchases from the NipClub online event will go to benefit Black Cat Rescue's continuing efforts to spread the word about how wonderpurr black kitties are, and what a special thing it is to rescue them. So if you want to give this little One-Eyed Thang a Xmas present, do some


Meowlo all! You know, I learned a great lesson this morning. When you love something, you should nom it.  No matter what it is. (BTW I've also reached the conclusion that MomKatt does NOT taste like chicken ... or turkey, either, for that matter.  It's a total myth that hoomans taste like chicken.  Those cannibals don't know what they're blathering about.) So hoomans, next time your kitties nom on you, it's an expression of love.  Cherish it - those marks won't last long, I assure you ... ;-) But, inevitably, on weekday mornings all good things must come to an end for this little black kitty because of this  W O R K  place MomKatt is forced to go to every day (Hiss!  Spit!  Other assorted noises of displeasure!)  So I quit nomming her and thought, "What to do ... what to do ...?"  I pondered and pondered.  You see, I was still feeling SO much love ...  At one point, I thought maybe if I hung my head off of the edge of MomKatt's c

Cipher Meowday

Well, Thanksgiving is over.  MomKatt didn't go off of the deep end with the food so she actually LOST weight over Turkey Day when she went on Friday morning to weigh in with her Wait Watchers, so she was happy.  Mom&DadKatt both got four days off (well, two days but counting the weekend - she says four sounds better than two) and we got a lot of hooman time at the house. But did *I* get any turkey?  NO!  Not a scrap!  Can you believe it?  They didn't even bring me any turkey skin!  *sigh*  Oh well, MomKatt has promised that I'll get some of the chicken she's going to bake for Xmas.  She'd better not forget! Meanwhile, I think you hoomans are supposed to really shop online today, right?  Hope you're buying kitty stuff.  I heard MomKatt whispering again the other day about this really cool cat tree that is shaped like a castle - it's even PURPLE!  (And pink too, I think.  I could not see the webpage in time before she closed it.)  I'll see if I can

Maybe I Should Change My Blog Title ...

... to "One Eye On Your Turkey" in celebration of the season! Well, I've gotten my cardio in today: Seems I'm all ready for this Thanksgiving holiday to commence! You say the turkey's over THERE, MomKatt?  Where?  I don't see ... OMC ... I DO see it!  IT'S HUGE! I am stunned ... STUNNED at such a bird! Wait ... MomKatt ... that's not a turkey - turkeys aren't BLACK!  That's PEPPERS!  (Though he's big enough to BE a turkey ....) Well, at least he's dressed properly for dinner for a change! OK can I get down now & meow my Thanksgiving message?  Enough of this! Anyways, before all this eatin' and piggin' out get started, we wanted to post a special thank you to my "fan base" - yes, that's right, all of you who read my mewsings faithfully and follow the life & progress of this little one-eyed kitty.  We are grateful this Thanksgiving that I am safe, loved and have a wonderpurr

Keepin' the Seat Warm!

Meowlo again, peeps! Once more, MomKatt wishes me to apologize.  Since Granddad's funeral, she & DadKatt have kinda been ... taking it easy. It's been a bit of a rough summer.  I don't know what this "driving" stuff is, really, except that MomKatt does it to take me to the V E T, but since July, they've been doing a lot of it, and they've been kinda tired.  Must be hard work, this "driving". (It doesn't appear to be like work.  She's sitting, in a comfy car, turning a wheel.  What's tiring about THAT?) Unfortunately, MY blogging has suffered, but I've not meowed about it, just done my job keeping her entertained and making sure they are both smiling when they are looking at or watching me!  (Plus, MomKatt knew things weren't as they should be, so that's why she got me that new awesome teaser I've already told y'all about.)  And I *have* been keeping up with a lot of YOUR blogs, though not nearly as well as

I Got a New Pair of Shoos!

*title sung to the tune of "I Got a New Attitude" by Patti LaBelle* PEEPS!  Boy have I missed you guys!  I'm back!  Did you miss me? MomKatt went shopping last week & got NEW SHOES!   Now, in case you didn't know it, I have a shoo fetish, and these are just DA BOMB!  They're leather, and smell REALLY GOOD!  Plus, they are WAY more substantial than her summer sandals, which I regularly wrestled with in the dining room after she'd come home from work & take them off.  They even have cool little zippers on the inside side (does that make sense?)  I've dallied with those a little, and will get to chewing on them at some point, but right now, wrastling with the whole shoo is the best thing to do.   What do you think?  Are they "me"?  MomKatt thinks they accentuate the brown in my coat.  (She's taken to calling me "Minky Kitty" 'cause she says she's really seein' the lush sable underlying my black furs lately!)