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BIG Halloween news!

Yes, peeps!  I, Selina, have a DATE for the BCCP Halloween pawty tonight! His name's Romeow and he's already asked me to "flop" with him (he sent me a zealie on my page, check it out, where he asked me to the pawty).  He's kinda long-haired, another blackie like me.  His sisfur is my brofur, Oliver's, main squeeze (Annabelle Joy).  I like him already - I can tell he's kinda whacked, like I am, so we'll get along ... Here's his Catster profile if ya wanna look: He actually sent me FLOWERS for the invite! Plus hey, you can't turn a guy down that couches his pawty invite in pseudo-Shakespearean vein, now CAN ya? Here is my reply to him (I sent him a BAT!): " Hey, I *like* you! You're silly! *poke* Yeah, let's go the Halloweenie pawty & see what we can **** up there! Maybe scare the pants off of Morticia! MOL! Yours in floppiness, Selina PS - I ate the flowers - thanks! "


Hi peeps! I know I've not been around much, but I just wanted to wish you all a HAPPY HOLLOWEENIE! Wait ... MomKatt's blithering to me ... what?  It's not a "weenie"?  It's what? *listens*   Oh!  My MomKatt has informed me that it's HALLOWEEN and that there is nothing "hollow" about it.  (Who knew?)  It also, apparently, does not involve hot dogs (but this COULD be changed ...) Anyways, here's my sisfur, Morticia, whose pic is all decked out for our special day! And please I know I'm preaching to the choir but DO be on the lookout for black cats tonight.  It's sad that some people are still SO stupid about us Black Beauties that they find it amusing to do unkind, cruel things to us.  I know NONE of my peeps would EVER do that, but they WOULD do all they could to help one of us.  MomKatt takes special care to watch for Oliver, our porch panther, on Halloween night, just because of the extra traffic from trick-or-treaters

Portrait of Feisal

MomKatt spent a lot of time on the front porch yesterday afternoon after she got home, before unlocking the kitchen door & coming into the house.  We were all wondering what she was doing - she was opening a box that the mailperson had left by the kitchen door, then we could see her wiping her eyes. This was what was in the box: All her CCL (Crazy Cat Lady) friends from Facebook and Catster had gotten together and gotten a lady named Jillian Hainer-Jones to paint a portrait of my brofur, Feisal, for MomKatt to have.  They raised money for it, and they are donating the rest of the money that didn't have to go to pay for the portrait to a group that MomKatt volunteers for, Siamese Rescue, in Feisal's memory. We wondered why MomKatt's eyes were leaking while she was standing on the porch, but she was smiling and exclaiming things at the same time.  Seems humans can be happy AND tearful at the same time. She said she knew the exact photo Miss Jillian had used

It's not a box, but ...

... it's got Richard III on it!  Hi peeps!  No box pics - DadKatt came home all tuckered out from his work last night, so MomKatt let him off of the hook & prepped her eBay packages all by herself without any pictures being taken of me in boxes.  Never fear - we have boxes galore still, so hopefully ... *crosses paws* Meanwhile, here's me this morning, guarding MomKatt's "stuff" that she takes to her office.  I learned that this bag behind me depicts King Richard III's symbol, a "bore".  He looks like a pig to me - what kind of king wants to be symbolized by a "bore"? (And I didn't know pigs wore sunglasses!)  And why was he "bor-ing"?  *giggles behind her paw*   Boring boars bore me!  *rolls over & waves paws, giggling harder* Oh well, who knows?  Those crazy royals! Hope everypurr & hooman has a terrific day today! PURRS! Selina (the historical)

Too much FUN!

Oooo get ready for some PICTURES tomorrow, peeps!  'Cause MomKatt brought home a BUNCH of ... BOXES!!!!! Yes, yesterday she brought home a bunch of BIIIIIG boxes for her eBay shipping (she's selling her Steiff bear collection) and tonight, we get to "help" her get the bears she's sold this go-round ready to ship AND ... PLAY IN THE BOXES! She's enlisting DadKatt to help take pics of us while we do this so, hopefully, we'll have some new shots to show ya'll! Hope everyfurr is doing well - 'tis rainy & dark here, so I think I'll go knock something over, then take a nap! PURRS! Selina (the shutterbug)

I know it's been awhile ....

And I haven't forgotten ya'll!  Seems Fall is a busy time around our house ... Well, let's see, what's been going ... OH! OH!  OH!  OH! HAM! is what's been going on! I *knew* something momentous had happened.  Yes, I've discovered HAM!    See, Morticia, my sisfur, is nicknamed "The Haminator" at our house because she LOVES ham.  She's been meowing about it, and about how good it is, ever since I came here.  But, until this weekend, I'd not gotten a chance to try some out. Let me tell you guys:  IT IS THE BOMB! Makes me drink water like a fool though.  MOL  MomKatt cuts up one slice of luncheon ham for 'Ticia as her special "treat" every now and then and, when she did it on Sat., I just made my mind up that I was going to get some!  So I marched right over & DEMANDED to try a piece! Since 'Ticia already had her bowl of ham, MomKatt took another piece and gave me a little bit.  After about three seconds, I

Lamentations! etc ...

OK ... honestly.  Be fair, peeps. Yes.  I use my sisfur, Livia, as a punching bag/coursing trainer.  Can I be truly blamed for this?  I chase her, she runs away, I want to chase her more, so I do.  Isn't that what CATS DO ? Then I hear, "SELINA!"  This usually comes from MomKatt, and not in the voice she uses when we're cuddling on the couch - it's much louder and more exasperated-sounding.   I stop & look at her.  "What?!" my expression says.  "WHAT?  What'd I do?  I'm just being a CAT!"  Meanwhile, Livia's escaped!  Foiled again!!! And just LOOK at this: These are the "man"katts I live with (and I use that term "man" very carefully).  What a coupla MARSHMALLOWS.  Look at Peppers - not only is the big lummox laying all over Sharif, Sharif doesn't even seem to CARE!  Do you think for a New York second that I would allow him to do that to me ?  If you do, you've not been reading this blog l

SO jealous!

Oooo!  I'm SO jealous of my good friend, Sparkle the Designer Cat.  *She* has her own CALENDAR!  Check this out! I mean, HOW cool is THAT? And how cool would it be for a one-eyed kitty to have a calendar, too, eh, MomKatt?  Like we could sell it & proceeds go to ... oh, I don't know, maybe some cat-related charity? Humm???  HUMM??? Of course, MomKatt can hardly get a picture of me with her cell phone camera (which stinks) ... we'd have to enlist DadKatt ... But Sparkle, you look MAHVELOUS!!! PURRS! Selina (who wants her fifteen minutes of fame, just like any other uniocular kitty!)

Shameless nepotism

Well, folks, family really IS more important than ethics so, in the interests of continuing to have MY blog written, I'm sharing my blog space with MomKatt.  Yes, she's started her own blog - talking about people *I* certainly don't know anything about.  Anyway, she's a big history buff and all, and you already know she does some writing (she calls herself a "writer" but, as I meowed to her, and as she knows, "thinking about writing ... isn't writing").  So I take FULL credit (though I suppose that's selfish of me) for getting her back to the keyboard again ... ANYWAY ... here is her blog: She calls it "Henry II, the Writing Life & Me".  Right now, her intention is to blither in it about dead English kings.  She even thinks she might write something substantial about one of them!  Here is a picture of him (this Henry II): (whispers) I think he looks like a playing card,