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My pawsome f riend, Sparkle the Designer Cat , is blo gg ing to h elp The Royals find new homes ASAP! Please click HERE for more details!  Basically, their owner recently died (Rose, o f Rose and the Royals - I did not know her , sadly, but she was a long-time blogger) and now the kitties need homes.  Her family apparent ly are not interested in adop ting them and they were slated for euthanasia when a kind friend intervened.  They are all in rescue, according to Sparkle, but are upset an d confused.  Two (Bru tus & Marigold) should be adopted together - see the link for details on t hese lovely kitties!!! I wish them luck!  I wish we could take one but we're at capacity at the moment ... :( Concerned purrs, Selina (who knows what it's like to not have a home)  


A TT ENTI ON!  ATTENTION! My PAWSOME furriend, Cathy Keisha , world- renowned g hetto kitteh and DJ extraordinaire, is in a contest and I'm going to do a " Sham eless Post For Your Vote " right here in m y very own blog to get YOU to vo te for her in the contest! Click HERE for more deta ils and instructions on how to vote.  It is the " Luckiest Pet of 2013 Contest", and since CK was a Petfin kitty, she's entered to try to win! YOU CAN VOTE ONCE DAILY, TOO! PS  FORGOT TO MENTION, IF YOU CLICK THE LINK & THERE IS ANOTHER KITTY/PET DEPICTED THERE, DO NOT DESPAIR !  YOU CAN TYPE IN CK'S NAME IN THE BOX RIGHT THERE & I T WILL PULL UP HER PAGE! If she wins, CK will receive t he Grand Prize, a $500 Gift Card from Petco or Petsmart!  Not only that, b ut a $5,000 donation in CK's name will be made to the rescue she designates!  (A p proximate retail value: $5,500).   CK says she has selected A Call 4 Paws as her

Thursday 'Tude!

Meowlo Peeps! As you can see, one sure sign that I'm feeling all better and riled-n-ready to go is that ... I'm holding court.  And where do I like to hold court lately?  M omKatt's dresser!  You can see SO much cool stuff from here.      *whispers*   Plus, there are several things sitting on the dresser surface that *I* think nee d some "Patented Smacky Paws" treatment.   MomKatt, however, begs to differ ...  Hoomans!  Y'know what *I* say? I say, "I'm not hearing that , M omKatt!" Giggly purrs (I know she love s me!) & wishing you all some 'tude in your Thursday, Selina    

Well(er) Wednesday

Good morning pee ps and happy Wednesday! It' s me, your favorite uniocular kitty, back at the helm and, if not "rarin'" to go, at least feeling WAY better than I was almost thi s time last week. How do we k now I'm better?  Photos do n't lie.  Here I am this morning, doing my favorite morning activity :  snoopervising the coffee-making M omKatt . Se e, MomKatt's pretty bleary in the AMs, having just gotten up & all.  So sometimes an "extra eye" is needed, just to mak e sure she gets it right.  Yeah, I got one of them! ( No, MomKatt, the coffee goes in t he filter, NOT the water!  MOL) And, of course, the highlight of my morning java snoopervision is catching, and then applying my Patented Smacky Paws to, th e Wil d Coffee Scoop (those can be d angerous when cornered) ... thusly. Stand aside, worthy adversary!   And now ... THE SMACKY PAW TREATMENT! Humph.  That'll show it who's Boss.  MomKatt reported that the

Selina Update

Hi, all, MomKatt Laura again: Just a quick update on our little one-eyed thang.  S he continues to slowly improve, and I'm cautiously optimistic .  Though we are s till dealing with diarrhea, Selina has not thrown up since she d id after attempting to eat some Fancy Feast late Saturday afternoon.  She did ea t a little of it last night and, this morning, she ate some Blue Buffalo W i lderness wet "Chicken & Salmon in Tasty Gravy" and really seemed to like it!  (It was her first time tryi ng it - I'm attemptin g to ween my guys off of Fancy F east and onto something I feel might be better for al l o f them, health- wise.)  Morticia had some, too, and really seemed to enj oy it.  S o I'm encourage d there. Selina is also grad ually acting more like herself.  I've misse d her "snoop ervising" my morning coffee-making activities (and going for the coffee scoop, which she does each mor ning by standing on her back legs & reaching for it i

Please purr for my baby

Hi, MomKatt Laura here. Please purr for Selina. I've taken her to the vet Fri. afternoon and this morning. She's got a bacterial infection - she's been throwing up & "off her feed" since late Thurs. evening. They've pumped her full of antibiotics as of this morning, taken X-rays which, fortunately, showed nothing that she might have ingested. They did bloodwork this AM - her white cell count showed the bacterial infe ction; she's gotten antibiotic shots (the one that lasts for about 10-14 days), sub-q fluids and something else that I can't think of right now 'cause I'm so addled. She's on bland food (baby food, canned chicken), and I'm to offer her nothing until later today; emergency vet said Blue Buffalo wet would probably be OK if she'd eat some. She's pretty low - we're keeping a close watch on our one-eyed baby! I'm not really thinking in or speaking English well right now so I hope this is

*sigh* Thoughts on V-Day

Meowlo, peeps! I t's Valentine's Day ... so today, I'm having the typist use red as my text color.  It is appropriate. I have no ma n kitty to celebrate today.  Yes, sadly, it's true.  T his little one-eyed thang is pawloose & fancyfree in the love depa rtment.  R ather shocking, isn't it?  MomKatt says not to worry, it's just 'ca use the right mankatt hasn't yet come along, that my state of "singlekittyness" has nothing to do with me.  And she would be right .  After all, I'm a VERY special kitty who requires a VERY special companion, one who is discerning & appreciative of the different, the unique, the ... uniocular.   I shall be patient.  I have plenty to occupy me 'til Prince Char -meow saunters into my life.   Let's face it:  snoopervising Mom&DadKatt all day, every day, plus making sure Boud icca isn't sneaking up on me somehow, takes up quite a bit of my day. And if "HE" never comes?  S

Wordless Wed. - A Girl and Her Toys


'Ticia Toosday

Can't help but p ost one more pic of Morticia enjoying her catnip jalapeno pepper on her birthday.  MomKatt just L OVES this pi cture and, I m ust say, I've got one of the prettiest sisfurs around. (S he looks a bit confuzzled here, doesn't she?  MOL  S omething to be said for "altered states" sometimes!) BONKS! Selina  

The Madness of Birthday 'Nip

We pawtied HARD for Morticia's birthday and our celebrations involved ...  HARD DRUGS ! LEGAL ORGANIC SUBSTANCES!!!* MomKatt even rubbed MORE intoxicants legal organic substances on our 'nip toys & regular smaller toys to intensi fy the experience!  See what tro uble I'm giving this 'nip ' naner above there? And now, as you can see from the BLUR, I'm SEIZING the 'nip bag and giving it NO chance to escape my clutches!   Now as you might expect, the Birthd ay Girl, Morticia, was getting down, too, but (as is her way) in a very measured & lady-like manner, thus: Ahhhhh ... we ALL know that "glazed-eyes" expression, don't we?  (Oh, c'mon admit it, we've ALL been there!)   M e?  No subtleties for this Little One-Eyed Thang!  I go at 'nip full-bore! MomKatt called this pho to "NipMunk"!  Can you see why? Silly rodent !  He didn't stand a chance! Whoa, dude!  I'm o n my


We're celebrating around here today.  First my MomKatt 's birthday is today !  She & DadKatt are exploring museums & Civil War sites today so that's how she's going to celebrate.  Weird, huh? Second, my sisfur, Morticia, turns 8 today!  It's her birthday too! Happy Birthday to my M om Katt & sisfur! And Ya'll have a great weekend! BONKS! Selina PS - Pics, MomKatt w/her Dad whose birthday was this past Wed. (he would have been 88) ... she was 3 in this picture and, as always, holding a book.  The pic of 'Ticia ... well, I don't know exa ctly how old she is in it, but she's beautiful, isn 't she?  

Wordless (and Weird) Wednesday



Meowlo Peeps! This is really cool.  I NEVER get mail but, yesterday?  What did I get? MAIL!  (See?  It says "Selina" right there on the envelope.  Bet the only reason MomKatt was "c/o" was because she has thumbs & can open the envelope more readily.  Unfair, but ... it's the way it is.) I got a VALENTINE!  It's from Margo Garcia in our Catster group, Pen Paws.  Wasn't that nice of her? I'm so happy I think I'll bathe! In other news, nothing's changed on the Boudicca front, though she's back down in the basement now & peace has been restored to the Upper House.  But Mom&DadKatt can't even BEGIN to consider adopting Gomez until Boudicca's furever home is found, and ... well, we were just hopeful that NOW might be the right time.  MomKatt's exhausted all the contacts she can think of.  No one's gotten back to her. I wonder why my text is centering ... looks kinda neat though, doesn't it? An

No Luck ....

Meowlo, Peeps. Yes, I'm a bit down today.  We thought, MomKatt & I, that we might have some good news to report on the Boudicca Situation today but ... alas.  No. Uncle Bill suggested Wed. night during a phone conversation that MomKatt try talking to the lady that was thinking about adopting Gomez (the one that wanted a lap kitty).  She agreed that "nothing beats a try but a failure" and he gave her the lady's name & contact info.  She called her that night, they talked, she sounded interested and MomKatt Emailed her a WHOLE bunch of stuff on Boudicca yesterday, including the latest pics of her (included here). She called back last night to tell MomKatt we were "too far away". So we're all a bit down around here ...  This has been the only remote, let alone somewhat interested, "nibble" we've gotten during the entire time Mom&DadKatt have been attempting to find Boudicca a furever home and they're mighty discouraged