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Stuff N Things ...

Meowlo peeps! Just checking in.  Nothing much to report from UniOcular Land.  I continue to do better w/my poops, though I "scooted" on my butt a little on the carpet this morning after I pooped.  :(  No blood, however, which is a good thing.  We are awaiting the arrival of some Forti-Flora for me to start taking, just to help the bacteria in my digestive tract stay nice & healthy - should arrive on Saturday.  I sure hope MomKatt is right and I don't have to go back to the V E T until this time next year ... Oh!  Holy Bast, I nearly forgot.  Some mild Basement Excitement the other day!  This was cornered (but not dispatched) by Boudicca in the basement the other night.  DadKatt scooped it up on a piece of Tupperware (the most rigid thing close to hand) and dumped it out the basement door, while MomKatt Googled its image to find out what it was.  Turns out it's a Northern Ringneck Snake.  Sociable creatures, they can live up to 20 years and are noctu

Wordless Wednesday - Laser Eye ... ENGAGED!


Quick Saturday Update

Well I certainly hope this is the LAST vet visit I have for awhile!  I got my second dose of Drontal, Dr. Brigham said I was shiny & purrrty and now I'm home and Mom&DadKatt are going to be gone all day visiting DadKatt's pawrents & seeing what's wrong with his father, who is in the hospital.  So I'll have all day in a nice, quiet house to recover from being tricked into the carrier once again.  *sigh* OTOH I'm glad I'm mending well, my poos are MUCH improved & I'm peeing like a champ!  (That's how MomKatt puts it, anyway.) And once again, thank you to Sparkle for letting me blog about black kitties yesterday, and thanks to everyone who read it & commented.  I'm glad everyone enjoyed it and I hope that perhaps someone sees it who wants to adopt a black kitty and is persuaded to do so by my praise of us shiny blackies!  We ARE worth it! I hope all my peeps have a great Caturday! PURRS! Selina PS - And I got a REALLY yummy trea

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day y'all!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, everyone! As you may know, in honor of our special day today, my furriend, Sparkle, asked me to do a "guest post" on her blog to explain just WHY black cats are so awesome!  So that's my post for today - head on over & check it out!   Here is the link: Purrs & I love you all! Selina

A Furrriday Surprise!

Goodness!  I almost forgot to announce that tomorrow, in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, my good friend, Sparkle , has asked me to be a "guest blogger" to tell you all about why black cats are so awesome! So be sure & look for it - I'm so excited!  No one's ever asked me to be a guest blogger before!  Thank you, Sparkle! PURRS! Selina PS -  The photo.  That white thing *was* MomKatt's napkin she was using this morning for breakfast.  It's not much of anything now ... hee hee!

Racing Colors! And My Shoe Fetish!

DA PINK SHOOOOEEEEEZZZ!!!!! I am CLAIMING them!  They match Pink Bed AND they match Pink Teaser!  MomKatt's decided pink & black must be my racing colors, should I ever decide to go into thoroughbred racing. She's even wearing a watermelon/pink top & black pants to work today to honor ME! Plus they are ... well, shoes.  I LOVE MomKatt's shoes, especially sandals.  I think I've meowed about this before but I can't reiterate my love for these things strongly or often enough.  I lie on them, love on them, flip them over with me on my back, bunny-kick them ... it's amazing how many MORE uses they have besides something to be worn by MomKatt.    Do any of you love a certain type or types of your hoomans' wearing apparel?  I'd love to know I'm not the only kitty obsessed with fashion ... and COLOR! Ain't I silly?! PURRS! Selina PS - Even my text is pink today.  Y'know, this might be the start of a trend ....

Two-Fur Toosday

Covering for me today are Morticia (on the left) and Peppers - it's Two-Fur Toosday! They look really excited, don't they?  Actually, MomKatt woke them both up to take these pics, so neither of them were really thrilled.  (giggles) PURRS! Selina (PS - "Two Fur" ... get it?   HA HA HA HA!  Oh, I crack me up!)

Monday Selina Update

Selina continues to improve, though I think the poop issue w/the roundworms will take a bit longer to completely eradicate.  She was peeing this weekend with no apparent visual difficulties, and no more of this going in & out of the box with no pee results.  She left nice, round, LARGE puddles and litter clumps! I must admit, I was VERY worried - plus I had company this weekend & was gone most of Sat., so I couldn't monitor as I would've normally done.  But yesterday I saw her squat and pee a nice big puddle in the box & I was doing the Happy Dance! So ... she will be back to her own reporting/dictating soon.  I just thought I'd bring ya'll up to speed, since it's been a couple of days ...  MomKatt Laura 

Friday Update

MomKatt Laura here once more ... Got Selina home late yesterday afternoon and she was all about wiggling & rolling over in the carrier in the passenger's seat, trying to get my attention to tell me how anxious she was to get home!  I told her she needed to stop being cute while I was driving, because she was a distraction worse, and far more appealing, than a cell phone!  LOL Seriously, if you just watched her - both yesterday and today - you wouldn't know anything was wrong with her.  She's just as lively as usual, this morning demanding Pink Teaser and whapping him for all she was worth - chasing him HARD (and I mean HARD - this Olympic "Bolt" fellow's got nothing on my Selina for speed) - and meowing at me to "play more, MomKatt, play more"! When I let her out of the carrier last night, she made a beeline for one of the litterboxes.  It was hard to tell if she'd peed this morning (one of the drawbacks to a multi-cat household, I'


SELINA UPDATE : She's got cystitis! Dr. Brigham said they've given her an antibiotic shot that should take care of things. We still have the second dosage for the roundworms scheduled for next Sat., the 18th, and he said by then she should be well on her way to "100% mended"! ♥♥ Thank you all - I know your purrs & kind thoughts did the trick! :) :) I'll be picking her up at 5 PM today to take my baby home! Also, slight correct to the previous entry:  I learned my Mother-in-law has already HAD the shoulder surgery (last week) but is on the "cannot drive" list for 10 WEEKS!  Ugh ... 

MomKatt Laura Here - Please Purr for Selina

Good morning all! I'd like to ask for purrs for Selina this morning. I had to take her in to the vet just now. She hasn't peed, I don't think, since last night. Came home last night & saw her just sitting in the litter box. Didn't think anything of it at first, then I caught her doing it again.   At one point, she got up & there was a tiny (I mean smaller than a dime tiny) spot of clumped litter where she'd been sitting, but that was it.) This morning, same thing, only not even the dime-tiny emission.  Just NOTHING.  She sits in the box and was in & out of it this morning several times, squatted down like she wanted to do something and couldn't.  I didn't see any sign of her straining or bearing down to attempt to pee.  After a few minutes, she got out, cleaned her butt & stayed out for a little while before going back into a box again.  It's clear she's feeling some sort of "urge" to go.  What isn't cle

Tummy Thursday!

Courtesy of my brofur, Peppers (who's a TOTAL shameless exhibitionist!) Wanna scritch it?  He'll let ya! Now ME, on the other hand ... not in a hot minute! PURRS! Selina

It is ... a puzzlement!

Appears we have a bit of a mystery. In my last post today, GIFTS!!! , I thanked my furriend Sparkle for the Fancy Feast breakfast gooshy fud that we received in the mail yesterday.  But she says that her hooman hasn't even turned in everyone's addresses yet!  So it could NOT be from her - plus, this box contained only one can of the FF gooshy fud, and a packet of Nestle (?) chocolate stuff for the pawrent(s) (not that MomKatt's gonna share chocolate drinkie stuff with DadKatt - no freakin' WAY!) But now the question is  ... WHERE DID THIS FANCY FEAST FUD COME FROM??? MomKatt hasn't sent away for anything, filled out any surveys or received any "thank you"gifts from a company ... perhaps DadKatt is the culprint? Stay tuned ..... purr-haps this is a case for ...  SHERLOCK HEMLOCK!  World's greatest detective! Or not.  Maybe we're just on someone's mailing list ... Puzzled purrs, Selina


A BIG shout-out of thanks to my furriend, Sparkle ( ) , for the free Fancy Feast Breakfast!  We got ours in the mail yesterday, and MomKatt fed me, Livia & Morticia the can this morning  ... for breakfast!  NUMMY!  I ate mine ALL up!  We usually don't get gooshy fuds 'til the evening so this was a nice surprise. Those black things in front of the box?  Humm ... no clue.  Probably don't want to know.  MOL  (Shards from the teaser, most likely.) Oh!  And MomKatt said there was a hooman treat in the Fancy Feast box for her, as well!  She's going to try it tonight!  She thinks it involves chocolate. In other news ... *gulp* ... my annual "well kitty" is this Saturday, bright & early at 8 AM.  MomKatt is going to take pictures so, hopefully, I can blog about it to introduce ya'll to my vets!  They are SOOOOO pawsome & I think they'd really dig being mentioned in my blog.  They deserve to be celebrated 'cause