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My Contributions to Hooman Awesomeness

I don't know how to put links in my blog yet, but my pal Sparkle's blog entry for today: made me decide that I was going to sit down & think of the ways that *I*, Selina, make *my* hoomans' lives "more awesome", aside from those that Sparkle mentions above (all of which are true). Let's see ...  1.  When they adopted me, I became my hoomans' fifth kitty rescue!  Before me, in order, were:  Sasha, Morticia, Torrie, Peppers then the fabulous MOI.  (Of course, one COULD argue that Morticia adopted MomKatt, since Kukla sent her into our driveway - or so MomKatt tells me - because she needed a home & was lost, and MomKatt had been jonesing for a black kitty for about three months prior to her arrival.  She & Kukla were "soul mates" and she was

Concats To My Sisfur!

Image First, I want to concatulate my sisfur, Morticia, for being Catster's Diary of the Day today!  Writing really runs in our family, it seems.  It's really no wonder our typist doesn't have time to write any of HER stuff; she's busy typing for me & for 'Ticia!  (Luckily, she used to play classical piano too, so she's pretty fast on a keyboard.)  But we are both grateful for her efforts - how else could we communicate with our peeps all over the world?  Anyway, concats, 'Ticia, on a job well-done & well-deserved! Her Catster furriend, Manytoes, made the pic up there for her to put on her Catster page.  His furramily makes pics for everyone on Catster, it seems.  They are VERY nice (and yes, he DOES have "many toes"!  He's a blackie like Morticia & me.) In other news, it's MomKatt's turn to house-sit & wait for the AC guy today.  I don't mind - B. is in the basement, where

Pink Bed Is Cheating On Me!

I *knew* it!  The little so-and-so!  You wait 'til I get my paws on him!  You just wait!  I'll bunny-kick the stuffing out of him! Then again, it *is* Morticia & she has very powerful, very persuasive "charming" methods.  She's quite skilled in enticing things - and peeps! - to do her bidding.  Couple that with a black cat's natural ability to cast spells and ... well ... Purr-haps I shouldn't blame Pink Bed *quite* so completely.  After all, when you're in the paws of a "pro" ... And it *is* "'Ticia Toosday". Meh ... alright.  I'll let it slide. THIS time ... PURRS! Selina PS - Meanwhile, the AC guys are coming out to fix it (hopefully) tomorrow, so DadKatt is taking another day off then to be here when they get here.  Now we just have one more night to get through.  Last night wasn't too bad but no doubt the repair-person visit will cause quite a stir amongst us felines.  It's not supposed to

Good news, bad news

Mornin', peeps! I hope everyone had a great weekend. The good news today is, I actually got OFF of the couch!  Here I am in Pink Bed where MomKatt found me this morning when she got up.  (Of course, I felt like I was in an installment of "Men In Black", as naturally the flashy thing got me in my repose.) And there was much rejoicing. The bad news for today is ... our AC is on the fritz, DadKatt is home waiting for the AC guy and, thus, a certain "cow cat" is loose soooo ...  Where was I when MomKatt left for work? Yup.  You guessed it. *sigh*  I honestly think a girl katt can't win for losing ...  Have a great Monday, ya'll! PURRS! Selina  PS - Health-wise, all joking aside, I seem to be much improved.  In fact, I AM!  However, MomKatt is DEEPLY troubled & concerned about me psychologically with regard to Boudicca ... *sigh*  She is going to look up Alasandra's suggested website,, later on this morning

Sunday Update

Meowlo, peeps ... Just a quick Sunday update.  MomKatt apologizes for not transcribing for me yesterday but it would've been hard to do so, as I was in her lap most of the evening and there is room there either for me or the laptop.  Of course, the 'puter must go.  We watched baseball - her Tigers got beat.  :( Anyway, Dr. L said on Friday that my temp had come down and that I was in their large (and VERY nice) kennel area throughout the day, enjoying the added space.  He said whenever anyone either went by where I was, or went in to interact with me (ahem ... or shove that STOOPID 'mometer up my tuckus), I was soliciting petting, and rubbing on things and acting much like the normal, happy kitty that I am.   He said I was improving as he had hoped/expected me to, and for MomKatt to just keep a close eye on me after she got me home.  :)   So was I glad to get back here!  I spent a lot of yesterday on top of the kitchen cabinets - wouldn't come down, and MomKatt ha


Dr. L just called MomKatt - he said that my temp was around 102 right then - due, no doubt, to being stressed at being at his office - but that, in his opinion, I was MUCH improved & am ready to go whenever MomKatt can come get me! Hurry up, MomKatt!  Get out of that STOOPID office & get me HOME! PURRS! Selina the happy PS - Pic is what I'M going to be doing tonight while the pawrents watch their Detroit Tigers baseball game!  XOXO  

Friday Sick Bay Update

Man.  Oh.  Man. As we all know, getting sick is NO fun.  But I WILL say this for it:  the attention you get at MY house is pawsome! These lap shots were taken later yesterday evening, after MomKatt had finished her dinner.  We were on the sofa yet again the entire time. When she came home, she took a picture of me:  I had apparently spent all day there, resting, but when she came in & starting lovin' on me ... well ...  I roused myself.  I stretched.  I nudged her fingers.  I PURRED.  Ummmm the rubbin's felt SOOOOO good!  I was purring like a mad thing, I was so glad to see her.  She even served me my gooshy food on the couch, there!  (I had to put up with some vacuuming but, as she admitted, the carpet *was* bad - mostly shavings from Morticia & Peppers tackling both the scratching post and the scratching area of our Star Chaser ... she kept it short.)  When I was eating my gooshy food?  She even tilted the bowl so that I didn't have to get up to

Report From Sick Bay

Howdy peeps, First off, THANK YOU so much for everyone's concern, thoughts, messages.  It means so much to me & MomKatt (and DadKatt).  A short update. As you read in the previous entry, Dr. Lofgren said I had a "fever of unknown origin" (and that I also weigh a nice, solid 11 lbs.).  He said, in a cat as young as I, these usually are caused by just something I've picked up.  He noted that I hadn't lost any weight, and that my gums were nice & pink, so those were good signs.   He gave me antibiotics in a shot and Sub-Q fluids yesterday and, when MomKatt picked me up, my temp was down from 104.2 to 103.  (He told her normal was 100-102.)  I ate my gooshy food once I got home and spent all night on MomKatt's lap on the sofa - I WENT to the sofa MYSELF this time, she didn't have to carry me into the living room.  *I* knew where I wanted to snuggle! This morning, she got up & found me on the sofa, basically right where she left me.  I dra

Worrying Wednesday

My little one-eyed thing in my lap, last night. I was going to call this entry for "Wordless Wednesday" "Safe" (as in safe in my lap.) But it's turned out to be a "Worried Wednesday".  Selina's at the vet's this morning.  She's still not acting right.  Still VERY quiet, still not following me around the countertops in the kitchen while I'm making coffee, etc.  Still not up in my business.  Just very ... quiet.  Mostly curled up like you see here.  She stayed in my lap all last night 'til I went to bed & was on the sofa with DadKatt Gary after I left. This morning, just sitting in bread-loaf position.  All I can think of is that somehow, she's injured herself trying to be Ms. Flying Wallenda & doing her 49-in. jump.  I can feel her all over & she doesn't cry out or seem like she's in pain.  She's just DEFINITELY not moving around very much and DEFINITELY not "herself".  I know my nutty one


Upper left-hand corner of picture.  See her lying there?  THAT is my problem, friends. Distressing morning for me this morning.  I've been kinda "down" the last couple of days - something that faithful readers of my blog will realize instantly isn't my natural state.  A little background ... MomKatt thought I seemed kinda "droopy"on Sunday, but I got up on the parapet a few times throughout the day and, other than sleeping up there above the 'fridge and not coming down when MomKatt would talk to me, I seemed fairly normal.  She thought I must want some "me" time.  (Cats do, from time to time, y'know.) But yesterday, she decided to take a day off from work, and I was down on the counter in Pink Bed when she got up and I wasn't moving much.  I usually follow her around on the counter while she makes coffee, etc., then get up on the parapet, check things out - you know, make my rounds.  Not so much yesterday. I stayed in Pink Bed,


The guy on the right is my DadKatt.  He is wonderpurr.  He scoops our boxes daily.  When MomKatt is late coming home from work at night - or for any other reason she cannot be home to feed us, as that's her job like the litterboxes are his job - he dishes our food out, changes our water, talks to us & cleans our bowls after we feast on gooshy food. He takes great care of "his" cats, Sasha & Boudicca, and is always distressed to hear of a friend who loses a beloved pet.  He has a big, soft heart - I know because he said "Yes" when MomKatt wanted SOOOOOO much to adopt me!  He loves me, doesn't care that I have only one eye and says I'm beautiful. I mean, ladies, what MORE could a girl want from a guy?  Isn't it sad that EVERY kitty does not have a DadKatt like mine! So HAPPY DADKATT'S DAY to my dad, Gary. And a very Happy DadKatt Day to Mr. Bill Cain, the gentleman (and MomKatt & I mean that in the fullest sense of the word) who

Thursday's Torture Target!

Meowlo, Peeps! Today is Thursday and, in keeping with my MomKatt's overweening passion for alliteration, we've named today's entry "Thursday's Torture Target".  As you can see, the recipient of my attentions this time is NOT a fruit.  Heck, it isn't even REAL!  BUT ...  It has FEATHERS! So, today a catnip carrot bears the brunt of my kitty wrath.  It takes the stickings from my thunderous paws without whine or whimper; it wilts imperceptibly at the onslaught of my slight fish breath, brought on by consuming the fish-flavored treats that MomKatt had dispensed to me only moments before and ...  Well, after all that, it's in for a serious & detailed licking & grooming ... PS - Don't I have a really nice profile? PURRS! Selina PS - Note from MomKatt:  Less than 5 minutes after these pictures were taken this morning, Selina was found under that same chair by me, and she was, indeed, administering a FURIOUS grooming to said c

"A Poem" - By Selina

Ahem, ahem ... " A POEM " ... with illustrations ... by Selina (that's me). (Pics courtesy of MomKatt 'cause I can't sign onto her iPhone ... yet ...) One banana, Two banana, Three banana,  Four! Five banana, Six banana, Seven banana, (You'll love this next one ...) FLOOR! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, I just crack myself up! Orange you glad I didn't say "banana" again? MOL! MOL! Did you find my poem "ap-PEAL-ing"? Wait, I can't hear you - I have a banana in my ear! (MomKatt told me these lines were funny, honest!) PURRS! Selina (the EXTREMELY silly this morning, for some reason ... )

Crime & Punishment!

It all started SO innocently.  A young woman: And her banana: This past fine Saturday morning, the young woman had taken the banana and placed it lying sideways on her dining room table, on top of a Laurel Burch place-mat, intending to eat it for her healthy mid-morning snack, along with a nice, fresh cup of coffee. Of course, the innocent young banana had no way of knowing the fate awaiting it.  But it is a fate common to many such bananas in today's world.  And the young woman was known to be a kind person - she wouldn't wish the unwitting fruit to suffer needlessly.  No, no, no.  Its demise would be as quick and painless as possible.  No one need suffer - least of all, the banana. But life takes mysterious turns.  Look the other way, become even slightly distracted, go into another room for only a few minutes - even LESS than a few minutes - and in such a short space of time, whole lives can alter irretrievably, irrevocably ... irreparably. Such was the case wi

Strange Sunday Conversations

(In the photo, I'm on the top, and Morticia is next to that flat shoe-thing of MomKatt's.) Me:  What do you think, Morticia? Morticia: I dunno ... they wear them on their feet all the time but  MomKatt says she hates 'em, that she's from the beach & I know she'd rather be barefooted 'cause she kicks these off the second she gets in the house! Me:  Boudicca was lovin' on 'em earlier.  Are you trying them out? Morticia:  Yes.  (*nudges shoe*)  But I think it's overrated.  Besides, look who you're talking about here.  You know Boudicca's into strange smells. Me:  Yeah, that's not much of a recommendation.  Well, don't bother with 'em.  Aren't you glad WE don't have to wear 'em? Morticia:  I know THAT'S right!  Besides, MomKatt would be spending most of her salary getting FOUR of these things for all of us!  MOL!  C'mon, let's go poke around DadKatt's sock drawer!"  

Formatting Woes

Alright MomKatt ... s'riously?  You've totally messed up my blog page!  I know, I know, you're struggling.  Google/Blogger isn't the best of platforms ... not that intuitive ... but couldja at LEAST center the title, for Bast's sake??? Do you FEEL me lookin' at you???? Honestly ... it's SO hard to get good help nowadays ... *sigh*  Maybe I should find another two-legger staffing agency ..... Purrs Selina

49 Inches

Yeah, we measured. 49 inches. THAT is how high I jump when I jump from the kitchen counter to the parapet.  (See my June 5, 2012, blog entry if you're confoosed at this point.) Actually?  It's 49-1/2 inches.  But MomKatt cautioned me about sounding too pedantic.  (This from HER.  She's the biggest pedant I know!  She fusses about misspellings on public BILLBOARDS and loses sleep over a misused apostrophe in "it's" versus "its'"!  And she's worried about ME sounding pedantic?  MOL) ANYway ... So ... 49.  Yeah, it's how I roll.  Let's retire that number, shall we? PURRS! Selina


I SEE YOU!! And you ... and you ... and ESPECIALLY YOU, Pink Bed!  So you better WATCH IT or I'll SWOOP down on top of you & give you a good beating like I did the other day! You were warned, Pink Bed ... Oh HAI, gentle readers!  Well, let me just explain this picture.  I am sitting atop MomKatt's L-shaped kitchen cabinets!  Feisal used to get up here ALL the time, jumping from the countertop to the top of the 'fridge, then jumping from the top of the 'fridge to the top of the cabinets.  Then, he'd proceed to "walk the parapet", as MomKatt called it, ending up on the far end of the L, where I am in this photo. Only *I* , "Selina the Great", have gone him one better.  Whereas HE had to get there using the refrigerator as a "stepping stone", so to speak, *I* (as our house's resident "LONG CAT") am able to position myself on the counter at the join of the L and LEAP up onto the "parapet" FROM THE COUN