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Thursday Throwback with Selina

Meowlo peeps!  Throwin' back this T hursday to some shots of beautiful, wonderful MOI when I first came to North Caroli na and was reducing MomKatt to a puddle of water at my paws.   Back then, she called me "Wiggly" bec ause I wiggled so much - on the floor, on chairs, in her arms.  I just LOVED to wiggle!  Don't do it so much now - I prefer bunny-kicking Franke nKatt (who keeps b ecoming headless - MomKatt thinks I'm auditioning to be a guillotine operat o r!) Anyway, plea se enjoy these pics of little 'ole brand new MOI in my new, w unnerful home! Ooo!  A feather AND a nice fleece bed! I dunno what that blur there is ... My beautiful profile! I need to investigate that corner over there ...  Wait a minute - hol d on there!  Get out!  This is MY Thursday Throwback!  Y ou can't be her e - get out! Rachel, this time last year before Gary realized they were already home! Mr. Man Ray gets comfy for our photographer,

Wordless Wed - FrankenKatt, Selina's New Playmate


Wordless Wednesday - A Little Man Ray

Oh!  Were you needing this blanket? I could look at him like this all day .... Gee MomKatt, couldn't you cut Selina's butt out of my photo?