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Top of the Week!

Morning all! Just a no te to let you k now Rachel continues to do very well.  Her fur is starting to grow back on her leg so I guess her little "boot" will be gone in awhile.  I have to admit, I rather like it.  :)  But I'm sure she'll be glad to have her entire "crowning glory" intact once more. She's s till got some stit ches that you can see on t he outside of her eye, kinda poking out, but I'm sure they'll fall off in due time. Meanwhile , here are The Twins getting some spring morning whiffies!  (Ray on the left, Miss Rachel on the right.)  They hope everyone has a good week - holiday weekend coming up! Purrz ya' ll! Selina & MomKatt

Rachel Update

RACHEL UPDATE: She's out of surgery and doing very well! Dr. B says she reminds him of Ray Charles because she's swaying back & forth a little bit when she tries to walk! I'm to call at 4:30 to make sure that I can take her home today, and she'll be isolated in my office 24-72 hours ... just to make sure the meds wear off and she's OK. Thanks to everyone for the good mojo. Heck, knowing Rachel, she'll be raring to go by first thing tomorrow morning!  The p roced ure is called "enucleation" and you can read about it here !

Rachel Plays "Operation"!

Well, it's not QUITE the board game " Operation", but Rachel is HAVING an operation today.  I'm sorry I cannot recall the long name of the procedure (I'll have it on the bill tonight or t omorrow LOL) but, basically, her left eye is useless and it is shriveling up in the eye socket like a grape turning into a raisin, producing small amounts of goop .  What's actually going on i s that, since it IS useless to her, her body is in the process of absorbing the eyeball, etc. back into itself. But is SHE worried?  Heck no!  LOL So, when she went to Dr. B last week to have her rabies booster shot, he took a look at it and said, "It's time to just get in there, clean all of that out and sew up her eye socket."  So, after he provided me with an estimate as to the cost of the procedure (not NEARLY as bad as I thought it was going to be!), we scheduled her for today. She was SUCH a good little girl last night.  Of course, she couldn't ha

New Toy Photobomb!

Meowlo, peeps! How do you like my new toy wand?  MomKatt got it for me us to play with. Oh yeah ... and Miss Rachel's the "Photobomb" at the bottom of the picture.  Sheesh!  Let me play with the wand already! Hope you all are having a great Thursday!  Hey, the weekend's only one more day away! Purrz! Selina