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Happy New Year!

As you can see, I'm ready to ring in the new year with 'nip-mosas!  Just waiting for the pawty to start!  Actually, it'll be a quiet evening here a Chez Selina, just us kitties, Mom&DadKatt and my Uncle Joel and Aunt MaryLee nibbling noms, hanging out & sampling some of DadKatt's absinthe (along with some French accordion music - tres chic!) We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a safe New Year's Eve.  If you drink, don't drive - grab a cab or a (sober) friend or a hotel room.  If you DO drive for someone who has been indulging, you're giving them a potentially priceless gift:  their lives (and possibly the lives of others).  Just YOU be careful driving like I know you normally do. Better yet - stay home like Mom&DadKatt, love on your kitties, watch festivities on TV and then you can have all the champers you want without worry!  (Well, that head in the morning, but you can handle that, right?  Just go stock up on aspirin right n

The Paws That Refreshes

MomKatt & I are taking a much-deserved holiday 'til Jan. 2.  You'll have to wait 'til then to see pics of the new Xmas gift for us!  I know, I know ... but it'll be worth it I promise.  Just didn't want any one worrying about us if they hadn't heard from us in a few days. Now back to Kitty Therapy.  We wish you all a very happy, fun & safe New Year's! PURRS! Selina & MomKatt Laura

Happy Holiday Wishes

Just a quick post. This blog wouldn't be possible without all of you.  I'd be meowing into the ether - a pretty useless occupation.  MomKatt & I hope that my adventures entertain you throughout the year, and we LOVE the furriends we've made here. We (Mom&DadKatt, me, the whole Carter clowder) wish you all a Merry Xmas, happy holidays - or however you celebrate the season! YOU, each one of you, are OUR gifts - every day.  And we're very thankful that you're in our lives. Be safe, if you're traveling out there, and I hope Santa Paws is good to everypurr! PURRS! Selina

Easy on Sunday - Rays

As in ... catchin' a few, dreaming of Santa Paws ... Wait ... I hear something!  What is it? MomKatt!  It's too early!  He can't be here yet? CAN he?!? (to be continued ........)

Caturday Photo of the Day - NEKKED TUMMY!

MOL!  One of MomKatt's favorite shots of me when I first came to live here.  See how ARRIVED I already look, and I hadn't even been here two whole days? I'm just LEANIN' into that pettin', aren't I?   Also?  A shaved tummy peeking out from my "operation" (i.e. no more kittens for me). Hee hee!  Good thing it was WARM in that house!  My tummy would have been cold otherwise, don't you think? OK gotta get back to trying to be good for Santa.  HEY!  A great, big box arrived yesterday!  MomKatt said it was our Xmas present!  I can't wait to see what it is! You WILL be informed ... meanwhile have a purr-fect day! PURRS! Selina PS - Please think of my sisfur, Livia.  She goes to the vet this morning for a steroid shot.  Her poops haven't been good for some time, and she may have lost more weight, which won't be a good sign.  MomKatt said she & Dr. L are going to have a "serious talk" while she's there.  They

Tattlin' Thursday

Meowlo, peeps! Well, even with X-mousie a'comin' next week & such, it is a slow news week here at Chez Selina .... so I thought I'd do a little bragging on my DadKatt.  I hope I don't put peeps to sleep. Check out this pawsome picture (more to the point, the guy in the black T-shirt in the middle): Yeah!  That's him!  OK sure, it's a long time ago (some time period MomKatt calls the "1980s") but, ever the rebel, DadKatt was way into music in his younger days and sang & fronted for a few local punk bands around the Greensboro/Triad NC area "back in the day".  (MomKatt hates that phrase but here, I thought it appropriate.  And yes, there is actual video footage & audio, too, of his local groups!) This band is actually called Southern Culture on the Skids (or S.C.O.T.S.) and they are a local group out of Chapel Hill, NC, that has been around for decades.  They play twangy-type music, rockabilly stuff (think Dave Edmunds, Lin

Happy Furriday!

And please enjoy this VERY heart-warming story that MomKatt & I found on the Interwebz this morning ...  Man Finds Kitten After 12 Mile Walk Home Happy Furriday everypurr & hooman! PURRS! Selina

Wordless Wed. - Bookends

(Peppers & Morticia, taken today 12/12/12)

Support the Italian Kitties!

Hi all! Today my blog post is about some really nice Italian kitties in need of help & support. The Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary is a cat sanctuary in central Rome which is very famous, attracts a lot of tourists who come to see the cats leaping about the Roman ruins and which is painstakingly run, seven days a week/365 days a year, by a band of dedicated volunteers.  Funds are solicited from tourists and, as their website honestly declares, if it's raining, no funds, so you can imagine the crimp that a few rainy days might put into this organization's wonderful efforts.  The website tells you, too, all about this wonderful place, its beginnings & history & its needs for the cats that call it "home". The shelter is home to approximately 250 cats!  In 1929, the sacred area of Torre Argentina was excavated and this marks the first year that the his tory of the cats' residency in this ancient location began. Stray and abandoned feli

ManKatt Monday - Disco Peppers!

My brofur, Peppers:  who thinks he's John Travolta! Frankly?  I think a little movin' on a dance floor somewhere would do something about that tummy of his ...  I'M JUST SAYIN'! Here's another shot of him: Maybe rubbing his tummy brings good luck?  MOL I ain't goin' there! PURRS! Selina

Diggin' on Thangs!

Meowlo, peeps! Hey, it's Me, today, here in this photo. MomKatt says I gaze at the world head-on, that I seem to see more with one eye than most do with two.  I don't know about that.  Never having had two eyes, I have nothing prior from which to judge.  But I *do* see quite a bit. Oh my, I'm rambling.  So anyways, it's Friday.  How ya'll doin' out there?  Ready for the weekend?  I think we're going to have a quiet one at my house.  With MomKatt finally over her Creeping Crud, she really is craving some good, old-fashioned "down time".  Of course, I shall be there to assist with this by sitting in her lap as much as possible - or sitting on her desk if she's going to be working in her office.  She just says they've been either sick or busy for weeks now, it seems, and she's not had a minute she could call her own that she wasn't either doing something for some other hooman or coughing/sneezing/hacking/blowing/etc etc. Plea

Wordless Wednesday - The Portal Is Open Behind Me, I Must Go ....


'Ticia Tuesday

Heh heh ... just LOOK at this expression: I think 'Ticia looks a bit "put out", don't you?  Actually, MomKatt was reading & giving her head scritches just before this picture was taken this morning, so I really don't think she was TOO unhappy.  She's just a very, very, VERY calm (certainly in comparison with me) kitty.  Like a still Japanese pond ... ('til I start chasing her, that is!)  Anyway, in honor of alliteration, I'm declaring today " 'Ticia Tuesday" and allowing her to "fill in" for me while I continue to nurse the MomKatt.  She's staying home one more day, her cough's better but she doesn't want to be around her co-workers coughing & hacking & stuff.  At least she didn't bounce me off of her lap yesterday when she had to cough. We're reading all about the history of "Dracula" while she recovers! PURRS! Selina


No, I haven't had kittens! MomKatt's got a horrible head cold.  I thought she was going to cough her lungs out into the kitchen sink this morning.  She's no good for nuthin' today.  So I, Nurse Selina, am on duty. As you can see, it's mostly an easy job - at least until she gets on a coughing jag.  And of course, those usually begin JUST when I've settled down and positioned myself just right on the blanket.  Then I get bounced around like a rubber ball! Oh well, it's a living I suppose.  Morticia couldn't put up with it, so she abandoned MomKatt's lap earlier this morning, leaving it wide open for moi.  I've gotten her tissues, a big book, cough drops, her coffee and her glasses.  Yep, and a movie ready to go.  DadKatt's helping too (it's nice of him, since HE gave her this crud to begin with!)  We'll have her up & around in no time. Meanwhile, we both hope you guys are having better Sundays than we she is.  Me, I'm