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Wild Wednesday Featuring Keaton

Meowlo, peeps! I hope my fans are all happy and doing well.  MK says it's very cold outside and that I'm lucky I'm a 100% indoor kitty.  She said there are not any laps outside to keep warm in!  What cat is crazy enough to go out? For those who don't know, we have a new bratty brofur, Keaton.  MK named him after her favorite silent actor, Buster Keaton, because she said that they both perform their own stunts and always bounced back no matter how hard or dangerous the stunt was. He is 8 months old and slinks around like he owns the place.  Humph.  He thinks that my poor sisfur, Nutmeg, is his personal sparring partner and jumps on her every time he gets a chance!  He nails Rachel, too, but she manages to get away from him. He tries to tangle with me once in a while.  Sometimes I let him and give him a good bunny-kicking, but most times, I give him my patented "Back Off" paw!  Then he'll go damage the sofa, patrol the bathroom (showers are fun!) or shred a

It's Been Awhile

Meowlo, peeps! I'm back again!  I know it's been a good, long time since you've heard from me.  MomKatt says it's "life."  You get it, I'm sure.  Hoomans get so torqued out about "real life" that they sometimes neglect their duties as our kitty scribes, don't they? Well, there have been many things that have happened since I last wrote, so I'll be telling you about them.  Some are sad, some are funny and some are going to be complaints about our new devil-spawn ... excuse me ... BRAT ... brother named Keaton!  He came to live with us last October and me and girls ... well ... let's just say ... BOYS!  Humph.  And boy, will you be hearing about HIM! Meanwhile, here is the newest picture of me. Purrz, kiddos!   Selina