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WELL ...

My MomKatt got an unexpected, early birthday present this past Saturday. Just LOOK at this: For those of you who don't know, this is Steak Tartare - basically raw steak with seasonings AND a raw egg on top.  Now, my MomKatt, I'm convinced, was a TRUE cat in a past life, because she likes her steak RARE and, by "rare", she doesn't mean that wimpy menu description "cool, red center".  Please.  That is SO for amateurs. Ohhhhhhhh no.  "Rare" to my MomKatt is spelled R A W . This past Saturday night was only the second time in her 46 year lifespan that she's been privileged to have Steak Tartare.  The first time was at a restaurant in Washington, DC, several years ago, where they made it for you AT YOUR TABLE .  (Talk about service!)  The particular plate of divine, carnivorous goodness herein pictured was had at a French establishment in Durham, NC, called Vin Rouge.  She & DadKatt were in Durham for the day, visiting Bennett P

Wordless Wednesday


Surprise Experience at Sharif's 16th Birthday Pawty!

Or "How I Tried 'Nip & Learned To Love It" First, I was like, "Huh?  I do WHAT with this?" Then, I was like, "Weeeellll .... OK!"  But THEN, I was like: ZOWIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharif may have had the birthday, but *I* got the present!  MOL MOL Purrs! Selina PS - Morticia, the showoff, had already HAD hers ...  Look at her.  Boy, what a lightweight!  MOL MOL

Happy Birthday!

No, not me (though that's coming up).  This is my oldest brofur, Sharif, and today is his 16th birthday! Man he's ... well, old!  MOL  Mom&DadKatt got him one month after they got married (April 1996) and he's a real sweetie pie.  Easygoing (except when he gets irritated & chases Livia), friendly, nice fur, great markings - he's a true Meezer's Meezer and a gentlemankatt from way back. (Plus he remembers the Punic Wars ... ) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHARIF!  Here is his Catster page if you want to see more photos - he's quite handsome. PURRS! Selina (who'll always be younger than him MOL MOL!)

Witty Wednesday

I just LOVE this LOL Cat - so I thought I'd share a giggle with my readers today! PURRS! Selina


Here I was, maxin' and relaxin', since it was a federal holiday for MomKatt to take off yesterday: and WHO should take it upon his gargantuan self to climb up onto the tops of our kitchen cabinets? My "too smart for his own good" brofur, Peppers.  (Boy, is the vet gonna be unhappy with him this Saturday - he's FAT!   MomKatt despairs of him getting more active but she's trying ... however, I might add that this little ... episode ... was NOT part of the weight-loss/exercise plan!) ANYWAY ... I digress. My DadKatt used to collect antique radios, and he lined the tops of their kitchen cabinets with plastic "kitchen" radios as part of his display throughout the house.  The cabinets are in an L-shape from the spot where Peppers is sitting, and the entire length of them are decorated with these radios at well-measured spots.  Well, my late brofur, Feisal, climbed up to this area all the time (MomKatt called it "walking the parapet"),


Image  VOTE HARRY SPOTTER! Of COURSE Harry is going to win big in every state.  It's a given, really.  But I suggested to him that he may want to add another plank to his pawty platform - see what ya'll think. Shouldn't we adopted pets (cats AND dogs) be tax deductions?  I mean, I pointed out to Harry that hooman two-leggers are deductible and we pets have TWICE as many legs AND at least three time the BRAINS!  It stands to reason that adopted pets be somehow tax deductible - that's more money for our hoomans to spend on our care - vet bills ain't getting cheaper, as we all know.  AND that would encourage MORE adoptions! Just meowin' ...  Selina (who would make a good Secretary of State - or VEEP, even)

I'm under seige!

This morning, MomKatt called & called for me because, as you know, I usually spend breakfast with her and I wasn't in the dining room, nor was I in the kitchen.  She went to the foot of our stairs & called me several times, but I didn't respond.  Yet, she knew where I was.  Where was I, you ask?  Upstairs.  In MomKatt's office.  And outside, on the landing at the top of the stairs ... My sisfur, Sasha.  Sitting facing the door to the office, STARING ... (and she's got SOME stare sometimes, as you can see). MomKatt wasn't amused.  In fact, she ran Sasha off downstairs & scolded her.  Then, I guess thinking that I would follow her downstairs, she went down, too, to eat breakfast.  She called me a couple of times from the table, but I didn't show so she finished eating & came to find me.  (I later learned Livia kept her company on the table in my absence.  Wasn't that nice of her?  She's such a nice sisfur.) Once again, Sasha was

Morticia Monday

Meowlo, Peeps! I thought I'd let my sisfur, Morticia, send out Monday greetings today.  MomKatt snagged her while she was on our cat tree. I must admit, I have a fine-looking black sibling! PURRS! Selina  


You simply MUST vote for HARRY SPOTTER! Go HERE to cast your vote & becoming a follower! (All in fun!) PURRS! Selina (with NO party association)

Bragging on the MomKatt

This is MY blog and it's normally about CAT things ... but today, my MomKatt has reached a BIG milestone and I just have to brag about her (since she brags about ME so much). As some of you already know, MomKatt's been doing Weight Watchers since last May.  Well, today, she hit a HUGE milestone that she's been trying to hit for a few weeks now - with the holidays, she was either still losing weight or maintaining where she was - which is VERY good - but she couldn't quite make this particular point during the month of December as she'd originally wanted to do. Today, she achieved it. See the copper-colored disc on the left with "50 lbs" engraved on it?  Yup - today she met - nay, she EXCEEDED - the 50 pounds lost mark, having lost a total of 52 pounds!  Her goal is to lose a total of 100 lbs, and she's now more than halfway there!!!   She weighs 196 lbs (she's 5 ft 9 in tall) and says that, if you'd told her she'd have achieved

Horrid, horrid HORRID! Having been an outside kitty, and having been saved from a not-so-good situation myself, I just HAD to share my furriend Sparkle's blog topic today & lend my meow in support.  As was said, "We all know 'someone'" and, who knows who reads this and might be able to help these folks in some way.  (Look at me:  who knew I'd land on MomKatt's Facebook page - and here I am!  Good things DO happen in this world.)  :) I simply MUST put my meow in here:  I don't understand wantonly cruel hoomans.  Even if you don't LIKE a particular type of animal, WHY would you wish to do that creature harm especially if it's never done anything to YOU?  Just walk away from it, ignore it, leave it alone ... but don't HURT it!  What is wrong, even better, with overcoming your particular "dislike" or whatever and just being KIND to it by NOT kicking it or clubbing it or sho

Wordless Wednesday - MomKatt's going back to W O R K??? :( DISLIKE!


In Which I, Again, Save the Day!

Barely three days into 2012, and I'm saving MomKatt already from nasty things that invade MY house!  (Um sorry MomKatt ... "our house" ... we quibble over semantics). ANYWAYS ... this morning?  While MomKatt was having coffee & enjoying her last day home before she has to return to The Evil Gulag tomorrow?  There was this bug!  But I didn't know what it was - all I knew was it was flying, and it didn't belong in our house!  So I RUSHED into the dining room and leaped up on the table where MomKatt was having her coffee?    I was miaowing and miaowing, trying to get her attention!  Well, silly woman grabs her iPhone camera, saying, "Selina, I think we have your blog topic for today!" "Sod the blog topic!" I miaowed, fiercely.  "THERE IS A BUG IN THE CEILING LIGHT!" She looked up and, sure enough, saw it in one of the sticky-out things of the chandelier:  "Let me at him!" I miaowed.  I was ready to PULVERIZE the


Mom&DadKatt were SLACKERS yesterday & I didn't get here to wish everyone a Happy New Year on New Year's Day ... so, a day late, a dollar short.  (What's a dollar anyway?  This is one of MomKatt's silly sayings.) Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blogging furriends & their hoomans! You can see what I spent MY New Year's Day doing ... MOL! In other news ... Morticia had to go to the V E T today.  MomKatt snuck her "well kitty" exam in on her.  She wasn't *really* due 'til later this month, but MomKatt wanted to use the last of her in-laws' Xmas money to get 'Ticia's exam taken care of. The good news?  A clean bill of health.  :)  The bad news?  An ear cleaning!  Boy, does my sisfur HATE ear cleanings.  Her right ear is a bit prone to ... *whispers confidentially* ... "WAXY BUILD-UP" ... so apparently they gave her a RIGHT thorough cleaning.   But she's not mad at MomKatt.  In fact, she got to meet